Jacob Hunter


Had it not been for the hard work of everyone in lobbying the Senate, C-15 would have passed into law. That's right, we campaigned politically and won! C-15 has been stopped!

Adults that use marijuana daily face no brain damage or neuro-chemical changes a study from McGill University suggests. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre gave daily doses of an extremely potent and highly concentrated synthetic cannabinoid agonist. Cannabis is a weak semi-agonist, meaning the study used something dramatically more powerful than natural cannabis. Despite this, adult rats in the study showed no ill effects, even after 20 days of daily exposure to this extremely potent chemical.

Mr Ferry... why do you not come out strongly when the RCMP (Or, as it was last week, the OPP) issue press releases with unsubstantiated and alarmist statements about the danger of marijuana cultivation facilities?

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino issued a press release on Wednesday with a number of alarming and unsubstantiated claims about the dangers of marijuana cultivation. He did not provide any evidence or statistics to back his statements, most of which directly contradicted scientific evidence.
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