Jacob responds to Jon Ferry on David Nutt firings

Mr Ferry,

While I strongly disagree with you about the latitude which should be afforded scientists in the policy process, I do understand your position.

That being said, why do you not come out strongly when the RCMP (Or, as it was last week, the OPP) issue press releases with unsubstantiated and alarmist statements about the danger of marijuana cultivation facilities?

Last week, the OPP Commissioner issued a press release that have a number of “scare-points” which directly contradict both the scientific evidence and national police statistics. That same police commissioner has repeatedly asked for larger budgets. This press release was issued by the OPP, not by a police union. Public money being used to lobby.

Police Departments regularly issue statements opposing legalization, offering up fears such as gateway (disproven) or increasing use (disproven). These same police are the primary non-criminal benefactors of keeping marijuana illegal.

Is it ever okay for public servants, on public time, to lobby for more public money?

Mr. Ferry, if you’re going to attack David Nutt from across the pond for being a public servant engaged in a policy debate, you ought to look at what’s going on closer to home.

-Jacob Hunter, Vancouver BC
Policy Director, Beyond Prohibition Foundation

Read Jon Ferry’s “PhDs should run for office to push policy” from the Vancouver Province.



  1. Poter Principle on

    I’ll second that. Excellent talking points.

    peace and pot

  2. Anonymous on

    In Response to your question…Yes!!! the RCMP & OPP ARE @#*%!! STUPID!!! In reguards to the FAILED DRUG WAR. I shopld Know…My brother is an RCMP…He seems to forget all the times he smoked doobies with me. Now he feels pot is the most dangerous drug there is….I Know, I know..F#@%$&#@ STUPID!!

  3. foam on

    So milions die from Tobacco & Alcohol and nobody dies from Cannabis- This is scientific fact. My question to the OPP and RCMP. What planet do you spend most of your time on? Are you F***ing stupid?

  4. rvdancer on