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Cannabis Culture Online Magazine currently boasts 1 million ad impressions (views) per month and has a huge, dedicated fan-base. incorporates the newest technology, design, and online features to give our advertisers even better value and visibility. The new website has various sections that include:

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Advertising With Cannabis Culture

At Cannabis Culture we love marijuana in every way. We are an activist magazine and organization dedicated to liberating the pot-culture, teaching our readers how to grow world-class marijuana, sharing entertainment and news from the front-lines, and bringing an end to the vicious, global war on drugs.

Cannabis Culture has been quoted and reviewed numerous times in newspapers, magazines, and television, including Macleans Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, CBC, Times of India, La Reforma (Mexico City), The Economist, The Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the San Jose Mercury,, and many, many other outlets.

Cannabis Culture Magazine’s sister-site, Pot-TV Network draws huge numbers of viewers each week to their massive archive of shows covering every aspect of marijuana growing, cannabis news, and pot-culture events. All display and banner ads appear on this website as well.

Political Involvement

Cannabis Culture is a politically active magazine, dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition. To this end, we donate funds to stores suffering police raids, and we contribute finances and news coverage to various legal challenges, parades and festivals, and organizations helping the cannabis cause. When you advertise with us you are putting your funds back into the cannabis community, and you are contributing to ending marijuana prohibition around the world.

The Best We Can Be

Cannabis Culture has developed a reputation as a high-quality resource with excellent, original journalism. We are frequently referred to for our articles and news alerts online, and have created a great team of writers covering activism, growing, and entertainment in the marijuana culture. We will strive to always adhere to that high standard, and invite reader contributions and comments. Cannabis Culture aims to educate and connect people all over the world.

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