Halton Regional Police ‘We don’t have that (medical marijuana) in Ontario’

Halton Regional Police Sergeant Lina Crawford tells the Free Marc Emery campaign that Ontario has no medical marijuana, and that taxpayer funded MP offices are private property.

Click here to read more about the harassment and arrest of Free Marc activists by Canadian police.



  1. Anonymous on

    Either she knew the law or she got her badge in Disneyland.

  2. Kiddalee on

    Oh look, a woman made a mistake. Better appeal to her tits. I bet if the cop had been a man you wouldn’t have made an equally useless claim against him, like saying he’s trying to wave his dick around or something. Let’s stay on the issue of pot before you make the cause look bad.

  3. Anonymous on

    Read the charter again – Canadians have every right to assemble in the offices of their MP, that THEY pay for. You sound like a commie or something if you don’t agree with THAT. They can discuss the issues that are pertinent to them, and perform any acts (legal) to convey their points. That’s exactly what those freekin offices ARE FOR, Mr. Big Thinker/Bad Laywer!

  4. Mr.Duckets on

    The guy was just trying to say that if you quote charter sections on camera quote the right sections. I don’t think that he was trying to tear the whole video or protest apart; but, I also don’t think that you can claim instant victory in any discussion by stating you have “more lawyers than there are in this city” on your side. This point is even less potent when the gentleman above has proven that the guy in the video doesn’t even have the charter sections he alluded to right.

    I will further prove my point by saying I have more lawyers than there are on planet earth agreeing with me and not you. I guess that makes me the winner.

    I didn’t know that you Canadians got FAUX News that far north. Sorry it has ruined your ability to think as well.


  5. ray christl THC Asia Media on

    constitutional/patriot movement–legal nullification ideas?This is Cannada law,and most americans like myself are clueless on your laws.Yet to read this post it has withdrawal/nullify possibility???Also, this is comparative to Roger Christie and the Sanctary Kit for religious defence,and it seems to be holding it court decisions!?Challenge the cop to bust(Most now instructed to warn only)and it never gets to a judge.The system is afraid of mass appeal to faith,or common law?Thanks for an informative posit.

  6. PauperInLaw on

    Close, but not quite. This site explains it completely & will provide the kits etc. mentioned below.

    The law died in 2001,Parker vs. Regina Ontario (interpretations act 2.2) and again later on with the Grant Kreiger case in Alberta. These decisions are good for all provinces since it’s federal law. Oh sure, judges will tell you they are not bound by another court, but they ARE bound to the outcome of that court (federal). The person you should be writing letters to is the Crown Attorney Generals office. They are the ones who lost and then appealed to the supreme court and were refused.

    Crown attorney Frankle admitted the law was dead & then just didn’t do his job and re-write the books and tell the cops to stop busting people under this now defunct law. Why else would they hand out over 4000 stay’s under what they called the dead law period.

    A new law has not been past by parliament since, do to the fact that they took 2 million tax dollars and gave it to the senate committee to do a study on Mj. The outcome was to legalize it. So every time Parliament tries to pass a new law, the senate shoots it down (not wanting to go back on it’s findings).

    It’s all just a matter of a sore looser(crown Frankle) not playing by the rules.
    And about Harper, here’s my slogan,” Broke yet! keep voting conservative and it won’t be long”

    There are MANY people filing these POLCOA motion kits & they will be heard in the next few months.

    Wish Marc could use this defense, but the U.Suck.A. has him now :o(

    Oh did we mention these kits are FREE for the download & all the help you need to understand what you’re reading is available. We have a network of very helpful coaches that will point you in the right direction & show you how to stand up & represent yourself.

    Many people don’t know that the judge has an obligation to become your protector in the courtroom, making sure you get fair & equal treatment IF you DON’T use a lawyer.
    …..CAUTION THIS IS NOT FOR THE TIMID….Unless you want to break out of your shell in a big way.

    These kits are free & in NO way interfere with your charges eg. they can’t hold ANYTHING from these motions against you when or if you go to trial. Many people have their charges withdrawn at the lower level & appeal’s level, as soon as the crown see’s our team & defense strategy.

    Here’s a list (including us) of Parliament Only Legislates Courts Only Abrogate (POLCOA) warriors that have won court battles using only this defense KIT & NO LAWYER!!!


    Trio’s pot case nixed, TO Sun
    Pierre Champagne
    Bruce Ryan
    James Wallace

    Ed Martin marijuana charge withdrawn

    Sandy Kramer fifth marijuana charged withdrawn!

    Derek Francisco charges dropped, medpot returned!!
    Wife charges withdrawn

    Marc Beaudoin in Lindsay

    Crown staying Rudy Seegobin medpot charges dropped to duck Krieger App.
    Rudy Seegobin

    Randy Post medpot charges withdrawn

    Joel Bollers
    I didn’t even do a story on Joel’s POLCOA prohibition win!

    Ken Surgent marijuana charges withdrawn precedent in Windsor

    Finally, there are the withdrawals due to POLCOA threat and
    reduced plea bargain:

    Grower Richard Johnson gets 6 months probation
    wife charge withdrawn
    daughter charge withdrawn

    Nielsen’s end case with return of their property
    Laurie Nielsen charge withdrawn
    Danielle Nielsen charge withdrawn

    Dominic Gravel (early 2005)
    He had spent almost a year in pre-trial custody for one of the
    biggest grow-op busts in Quebec. After half a dozen hearings
    where the courts kept insisting his S.601 “unknown to law” motion
    needed constitutional notice until a judge finally admitted he
    didn’t, then the Crown offered him a plea bargain that let him
    out in just a few weeks or months. Pretty impressive to have such
    an arch-criminal released for so little more time.

    So, 16 people had their charges withdrawn and 3 had a plea
    bargain so the Crown could avoid arguing the POLCOA. And of course,
    since the Sfetkopoulos decision and the Crown Sean Gaudet’s Goodie,
    POLCOA is even stronger.

  7. Anonymous on

    “I guess he has established that Canadians can legally protest in an MP’s office, because he said ‘Crown’ confirmed that, but I think he should get his Charter Sections straight.”

    Okay, Clarence Darrow. Watch the video again but this time take note when JACOB states that they’ve checked the laws with more lawyers “than there are in this city”. Sometimes it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself and appear stupid, than to share your opinions and prove that you’re stupid.

  8. Anonymous on

    They know all this stuff – along with everyone else with a half a brain. They just know how to LIE (and assault the disabled) better.

  9. countryskunk on

    Jacob I owe you an apology I thought you were fool of shit at first but since I have been watching you I see now I was wrong you are on the street and in their face just like Marc back in the good old days you do great work you have a Medicinal licence to use for your self but you still fight for the rights of others and for that I applaud you good man

  10. Rasta Pastor Japs stop thai/bong culture on

    at this place in history.Such fear of truth,and that is why i stress tactics of LOVE.Paucity of intrepid moxie to get the CC family free and healthy.

  11. Anonymous on

    Yeah, and notice how she said “you’re not here to try to trip me up”. I didn’t see anybody trying to trip her up. She did that all by herself. So now it has been established that Canadian cops know jack shit about ANY laws. They don’t know that it’s legal to protest in an MP office and they don’t know that Canada has about 5000 licensed Cannabis using patients, including Ontario, surprisingly enough. The there’s the genius who doesn’t know the difference between getting assaulted and assaulting someone else. He thinks that guy shoved his hand with his chest and whacked his hand with his cellphone. Strangely, he did all that without even moving.

  12. Anonymous on

    Canada is facing a national emergency over the proliferation of marijuana seeds. For this reason, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the rule of law in Canada have been suspended. War has been declared against marijuana seeds. The government will be handing out transistor radios and black-out curtains in the near future. The war against terrorism will have to be put on hold.

  13. Anonymous Ex-Oakville Resident on

    How can a Police Officer not know that Canada’s medical marijuana program is a Federal program, and as such, applies universally across the country? Outstanding ignorance of the law is displayed here by the officer.

    Halton is not some privileged section of the country that gets to negate Federal law on a whim — as much as some of its inhabitants and politicians might like to think. This is an absolutely clear example of an attitude and belief held by those know as “Oakvillains” — namely, that they are somehow special and ought to be able to decide on a whim what is permissible for others.

  14. Spanner McNeil on

    An MP’s office is a place where the public normally have the right to go and so they may protest, distribute leaflets, etc. This includes courthouses but not the judges chambers. It’s been upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court. You can read a fine analysis of it by Mdm. Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dube. The Crown has which is why there can be no successful prosecution on that basis. I draw attention to page 1097 of the 1993 Canadian Supreme Court Reports for some excellent discussion. The whole Ramsden v. Peterborough File No: 22787 is really a pretty good read. Anything by L’Heureux-Dube is really.

  15. Troy Campbell on

    I wish I had been there when this chick spouted off I wonder how she would react to being shown a licence for an ontario resident who is authorized to use and grow pot as far as I can tell that would mean there is medicinal marijuana in ontario and in fact almost 50% of all the mmj patients in canada are in ontario.

  16. Okie Nate on

    Oh, this is so awesome throwing it in the face of authority. The Kops don’t even know the law…how lovely. Roll that Skunk on the desk of Harper! Go Marc, you will not be forgotten! OHHHH Canada. Let Freedom grow!

  17. Anonymous on

    You guys -(The Free MARC campain) are doing a GREAT job of useing your legal right to protest this sad situation. every comment on here is awesome more people the better. FREE MARC!

  18. Anonymous on

    I’m with the protesters on this but I must question the man in the video’s claim that sections 20 and 32 of the Charter give him the right to protest in an MP’s office. Section 20 is about the right to have service in government offices in either English or French;

    20. (1) Any member of the public in Canada has the right to communicate with, and to receive available services from, any head or central office of an institution of the Parliament or government of Canada in English or French, and has the same right with respect to any other office of any such institution where

    (a) there is a significant demand for communications with and services from that office in such language; or

    (b) due to the nature of the office, it is reasonable that communications with and services from that office be available in both English and French.

    Don’t see what that has to do with office protests. Let’s looks at section 32;

    32. (1) This Charter applies

    (a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and

    (b) to the legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province.


    (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), section 15 shall not have effect until three years after this section comes into force.

    I fail to see the connection there either. The only things in the Charter I could find with any possible connection were parts (b) and (c) of Section 2;

    2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

    (a) freedom of conscience and religion;

    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

    (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

    (d) freedom of association.

    I guess he has established that Canadians can legally protest in an MP’s office, because he said “Crown” confirmed that, but I think he should get his Charter Sections straight.

  19. Anonymous on

    So Ontario is recruiting brainless bimbos as police Sergeants now, huh? Talk about appalling lack of knowledge of the law. I guess the training only goes as far as how to violate civil rights, how to assault people and how to make false arrests. Get that idiot off the police force now before she shoots somebody. Nobody that stupid can be allowed to possess a firearm.

  20. MOTFA on

    i laughed, i cried, i laughed again. 😀

  21. Old Hippy on

    God bless you youngsters for the way you conducted yourselves in this situation. In my day there were far fewer ways to document things and thus we had the shit kicked out of us by the pigs on more than one occasion.
    Many prohibitionists would be shocked however if they new how many cops unwind at home with a nice joint! Scandalous….I know.

  22. nobodyreally on

    I love the way he sounds 10 times as knowledgeable than the person that is there to enforce the laws. They know their rights and the cops dont. They have done their homework and the cops have not. I love it!

  23. mgjscdhl on

    pretty offensive when the law inforcement either tells lies to con peaceful protesters outside of a public office or they’re stupid enough not to understand the laws. I mean it isn’t even an issue of “I just enforce the law” – I feel bad for anybody running into these kind of bad cops on streets and getting jailed/detained for having their legally obtained medicine