March with – Vancouver Pride Parade 2010

This Sunday is Pride!

We want YOU to March with us! Meet at 11am, Nelson and Thurlow (Spot DE6).

We’ll be there with a truck, sound system and lots flags and banners! We need lots of activists to march with us to demonstrate our support and solidarity with Pride Vancouver! Let’s celebrate their victories while we struggle for our own!

Come out this Sunday at 11am, Nelson and Thurlow to march in Pride and help legalize marijuana! This will be a very fun event, so come down and prepare to have a lot of fun!

This is the 32nd year for Pride Vancouver, and more than 750,000 people are expected in attendance. This makes Pride one of the biggest events in Vancouver ever year, a crowd we can’t afford to miss.

We have been notified that anyone with a Health Canada or Compassion Club card will be allowed to medicate during the parade, so if you’re medical then bring your buds! If you’re not medical, than come down anyways and show your support!

What: Pride Vancouver
Where: Nelson and Thurlow, Downtown Vancouver
When: 11am, Sunday August 1st
Why: Help Legalize Marijuana and Support and Celebrate the GLBT Community
Who: Beyond Prohibition Foundation (, Free Marc Campaign,