OPP Commissioner tries to scare up more money

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino issued a press release on Wednesday with a number of alarming and unsubstantiated claims about the dangers of marijuana cultivation. He did not provide any evidence or statistics to back his statements, most of which directly contradicted scientific evidence.

After 75 years of marijuana prohibition, Mr Fantino described the success of the policy: marijuana cultivation is “epidemic”.

OPP Inspector Brian Martin stated that police spend 60% of their anti-drug resources on marijuana cultivation. Every year his police force boasts record seizures, and every year more pot is grown, so police ask for more money.

One need only look to the failure of alcohol prohibition to see these same economics at work.

The Canadian Senate recommended legalizing marijuana. A majority of Canadians support legalizing marijuana. The most vocal opposition to legalization is the police, the same police that waste vast sums of money enforcing marijuana laws.

Public servants like the police should not use the media for what amounts to lobbying government for more money. The evidence is clear: legalizing and regulating marijuana is far more effective than policing at controlling marijuana. But, you will not hear Mr. Fantino admit that.



  1. pcinla on

    We need rules and regulations for so-called public servants, who delve into politics, and act as lobbyists. Fantino is a public servant, not an elected representative. (Even that’s a joke in this country, where the tail — 38% — can wag the dog).

    If a public servant is going to lobby for more public money, I want full disclosure of the current budget for that particular unit, how many people it employs, the salary range for those people, as well as other budget expenses. Let’s start with justifying your current budget.

    And the same lobbying rules apply to any other public servants — dining from the public trough — lobbying for more budget: prisons, prison guards, police associations, unions, the Association of Canadian Police Chiefs. Enough is enough! It’s time for those of us paying the tab to call the shots and have accountability!

    Two problems however: the mainstream media feeds right into the s**t, NEVER bothering to look at the other side of the story. And of course we currently have an fascist party/government in Ottawa, which would never consider such legislation because it would undermine the scare tactics they (and the police, generally in this country) use to further their agenda.

  2. Anonymous on

    Their (ever increasing)paychecks depend on this kind of misleading scare tactic and untill the people are better informed of the truth, they will continue to suck up literally tons of tax money. It is nothing short of fraudulent.

  3. Anonymous on

    ask them how effective the spending is at a street level.
    there is never any accountability for the effectiveness of the money spent.

  4. Dave on

    …funny how the supposed ‘bad guys’ also oppose legalization…