Beyond Prohibition Foundation: McGill Study shows no damage to adults from extreme marijuana use

Adults that use marijuana daily face no brain damage or neuro-chemical changes a study from McGill University suggests. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre gave daily doses of an extremely potent and highly concentrated synthetic cannabinoid agonist. Cannabis is a weak semi-agonist, meaning the study used something dramatically more powerful than natural cannabis. Despite this, adult rats in the study showed no ill effects, even after 20 days of daily exposure to this extremely potent chemical.

“The extremely potent chemical these researchers used produces an effect that would be impossible with natural cannabis”, said Kirk Tousaw, Executive Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “yet, it produced no ill-effects. Worse, the study was reported as suggesting cannabis use by adolescent humans might be dangerous. That kind of extrapolation is unscientific and fuels anti-cannabis reefer madness. We see the effects of this hysteria in Parliament, with the Conservative government trying to jail Canadians for growing even 1 marijuana plant.”

The Conservative Government is currently engaged in an intense media campaign attacking it’s opponents on C-15. The bill proposes for the first time in Canadian history to apply mandatory minimum sentences to a wide range of drug offences, including relatively minor offences like growing 1 marijuana plant. The bill was recently amended in the Senate to remove some of the harshest sections, yet the Conservatives have attacked the Senate for even those minor changes.

“In order to appear ‘tough on crime’ the Conservative government is trying to jail people for growing 1 marijuana plant” said Jacob Hunter, Policy Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “The majority of Canadians want marijuana regulated and taxed for sale to adults only. It is clear from the evidence that this will decrease crime and access by youths. The Conservative government ignores the majority of Canadians and evidence, endangering our streets and ensuring easy access by our children”



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  5. Anthony on

    “marijuana: a new look at the scientific evidence” by Dr. M Earleywine also concludes that chronic chronic smoking doesn’t really have significant affects on you later in life. Book has roughly 50 pages of citations. A must read!

  6. Anonymous on

    What I would like to see a politician who is actually in charge like harper sit down and straight forwardly tell us why the canadian govt considers that marijuana should be illegal even though a 2002 senate report actually recommeded the legalization of cannabis. I would also like to know why any govt feels they have the right to say I am allowed to become intoxicated on alcohol but its illegal if i would prefer to use cannabis . I am not able to tolerate alcohol actually I have never been able to drink beer or liqour without it making me feel nauseous right away I find the taste unpleasant as well as smell,so why should people like myself who do not drink and will not drink alcohol be excluded from having a recreational intoxicant especially one that was perfectly fine until 70 years ago

  7. Anonymous on

    the conservative party is dominated by career alcoholics; hapless, hopeless, brainless morons who hide behind a thin veneer of moral fibre, who try to run your lives because they find it convenient to do so.

    anyone who can admit alcohol is a drug should realize these people need our help, not the other way around. get them out of the house & senate and INTO REHAB.

  8. Anonymous on

    I don’t even usually read what’s in these articles but prefer to skip the politics and go straight to the science — what is the name of the study, who are the authors, when and here is it published?

  9. Bradson on

    “…These suggest that long-term exposure to cannabinoids during adolescence induces anxiety-like and depression-like behaviours in adulthood…”

    The abstract ends with the above statement which seems to contradict an earlier statement:

    “…Chronic adolescent exposure but not adult exposure to low (0.2 mg/kg) and high (1.0 mg/kg) doses led to depression-like behaviour …”

    So it’s hard to tell what this report is saying with regard to adults, but it seems to actually be about the effects of cannabis on adolescent rats. It suggests to the researchers that some adolescent humans could be at greater risk of increased depression and anxiety if they use cannabis regularly.

    The abstract link: ( )

  10. fractal pattern on

    cops are criminals and criminals are cops. without one you don’t have the other. If there were no criminals there would be no need for cops. At the present state of human evolution, no criminanls and no cops are impossible; but if one can reduce how many criminals there are like lets say “legalize marijuana” there wouldn’t be the need for as many cops. Drug enforcement jobs and their funding would be greatley reduced. These thugs know it and have to be concerned about their livelyhood. Would it be great to rape and pillage legally? I think only if you have ego issues and an evil mindset.

  11. Anonymous on

    I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree, I was drawn into this article looking for information on a study and found an article disputing Bill C-15 with a sprinkling of unreferenced science.

  12. Bradson on

    Could you provide a link to the McGill University study?

  13. Emma Edwards Fawkes on

    very nice piece of writing here i must say you have hit the nail on the head with the last paragraph! and the rest was put together very well. continue the good fight