Jacob responds to John Martin Op-Ed

John Martin, a self-described criminologist, wrote in the Vancouver Sun that credible criminologists “refuse to concede that locking up criminals for lengthy periods of time had anything whatsoever to do with the plummeting crime rate south of the border”.

Plummeting crime rate? From 1980 until 2007 the US violent crime rate remained mostly steady, increasing for a period from 1988 to 1998, then returning to the levels seen throughout the 1980s. Overall from 1980 to 2007, the US violent crime rate actually increased by 5%.

The US Prison population has increased an astounding 398% from 1980 to 2007. The United States now imprisons more people than any other country, at a cost of $60 Billion dollars per year.

A 398% increase in prisoners resulted in a 5% increase in crime. Clearly simply increasing penalties, even drastically, does not lower crime. This is a fact observed around the world, which is why credible criminologists oppose simply increasing penalties.

Mr Martin works for an RCMP funded institution. The RCMP support increasing penalties and have a history of paying for pseudo-scientific studies to support their positions.

Why would Mr Martin so blatantly misrepresent the facts? You’ll have to ask the RCMP.



  1. FoosMaster on

    It’s about the MONEY!!!
    Regardless of what group or organization is behind keeping Marijuana illegal it is only about the money. It’s not personal, it’s just business. Marijuana itself does not destroy peoples lives, laws against marijuana destroys peoples lives. Big business, (including police drug agencies), care more about making money than supporting the rights of the individual.
    Drug cartels and large dealers want tougher laws so that they can increase their profit margins. If you don’t think that the billion dollar cartels don’t have influence with politicians then you must have your head in the sand. It’s about the MONEY!
    Drug agencies want tougher laws so they can increase their funding. They receive money to fight the “War On Pot” and they are fighting to keep their funding. It’s about the MONEY!
    If marijuana was legalized then Many government agencies would loose massive amounts of funding. Agencies from local police to the court systems to the prison systems are fighting for their funding. It’s about the MONEY!
    Politicians want money from lobby groups associated with both to increase their campaign funds. (of course the cartels use legitimate agencies to do their bidding)
    It’s about the MONEY!!!
    Truth is the enemy to these people!

  2. Anonymous on

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  3. From the 70s on

    This reminded me of an article I read at http://www.mapinc.org/canada.htm this past week about the Mayor of Langley City being called to testify at the Senate Committee on Bill C-15.


    Mayor Fassbender was part of a group of Mayors and POLICE (the un-elected very political police lobby) who stood behind them that lobbied for mandatory minimum sentences (i.e. Bill C-15). I thought that the Mayors were used by the very political and un-elected Police lobby. The Mayors know nothing (some of them have star power) but what these Police tell them. It was a fraud in my opinion but it worked very well for the very political and un-elected police lobby.

    And judging (something the very political police lobby doesn’t like unless its them doing Judging which they will soon be doing under Bill C-15 when they become the Judges over MILLIONS of Canadian marijuana users with its mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses including marijuana) by what Mayor Fassbender said in the article, I think I am right:

    “Fassbender has discussed the problem at length with other Metro Vancouver mayors, the RCMP and a UCFV criminology professor. All agree the legislation is overdue, said Fassbender.

    –> The Mayors get all their information from the RCMP and their criminologists. That is a GRAVE concern (and if the RCMP tell these Mayors their usual LIES, that may be against the law, municipal corruption, I have always believed its against the law when they tell US the people their LIES and propaganda but they appear to be above the law).

    “The clear position is that there should be minimum mandatory sentences for people with marijuana grow operations and clandestine meth labs,” said Fassbender.

    –> Every time I hear that word “clandestine” I think “Of course they are, duh”. This is propaganda, is the Mayor referring to the 10,000s of pot grows busted each year and couple of dozen meth/esctasy labs ? Of course the “clear position” on mandatory minimum sentences must be because of the RCMP report that promotes them that I mention in my above post done by perhaps the UCFV criminologist the Mayor mentions. Do you think they have told the Mayor that the TOP CASH CROP in Washington State is US domestically grown marijuana ? Or do you think the Mayor knows the truth on meth labs in Canada and the States ? My guess is he knows almost no truth or facts.

    “The bill is not aimed at people who keep a marijuana plant hidden away for their own use, he said, but the criminals whose sole purpose is to produce illegal drugs for sale across the U.S./Canada border.

    –> Wow, how could the Mayor be that misinformed ? Jeez, I wonder why …

    I think the arrests under Bill C-15 will be mostly for marijuana trafficking under the close to schools/youth (this itself is a political LIE, a misrepresentation of what’s going on, the drugs are sold in the schools by fellow students to fellow students, not evil organized crime/gangs LACING marijuana with METH (an insidious and sinister RCMP LIE) to addict our children as the RCMP propaganda goes) since any real expert (the RCMP claim to be experts) knows its the kids selling IN the schools, it is certainly this way because we have an adult black market that services, get this, MILLIONS of Canadians, are we going to arrest them all ?) or in rental units.

    Its shamefull that we continue with a complete FAILED system that so few benefit from (i.e. only Police benefit). If the drugs are not in adult only stores where they can be controlled and regulated, they will be in the schools and on the streets. DUH.

    It will be a war zone (under Bill C-15) and of course the cops will be pulling out their guns more often (since they will view the crime more serious even though its them who lobbied for the tough sentences) killing kids (and that could be kids just at a house party where marijuana is being consumed) just like in the USA.

    Laws made by out very political police lobby (and their LIES).

    Political Police = Police State.

  4. Dan-o on

    It is good to see someone else gets it!

  5. From the 70s on

    The reason is Bill C-15, The FULL US WAR ON DRUG (or the GIFT to ORGANIZE CRIME/GANG Bill). Its a dream come true for the very political and very powerful police lobby in Canada. They are so close now, they can …

    I too question what John Martin said on the issue of mandatory minimum sentences in his previous op-ed. He wrote in “Needless to say, Washington State has but a fraction of the grow-ops adorning BC;”.

    Today, the NUMBER ONE or TOP CASH CROP in Washington State is US domestically grown marijuana. What can you say ? Well, its NUMBER ONE in the USA too.

    Doesn’t John Martin know this ?

    Would his statement not be misleading if indeed marijuana grown in Washington State is the NUMBER ONE CASH CROP in that state ?

    And you mention the RCMP. The above claim about Washington state also appears in the conclusion of the RCMP propaganda report “Marijuana Growing Operations in British Columbia Revisited 1997-2003” by UCFV. In the conclusion, the report states:

    “In terms of sentencing, it is interesting to look at what would have happened to convicted marihuana growers in British Columbia if they had been sentenced in Washington State, where sentencing guidelines are in place.

    Given that there are HARDLY ANY MARIHUANA GROW OPERATIONS IN WASHINGTON STATE, and given that British Columbia has thousands of grow operations every year, it is difficult not to wonder if British Columbia might not be more effective in reducing the incident of grow operations by increasing penalties for individuals convicted for involvement in marihuana growing operations. In the final analysis, the consequences for involvement in a grow operation in British Columbia, even where a person receives a prison sentence, are likely insufficient to reduce or prevent participation in marihuana grow operations. ”


    The NUMBER ONE CASH CROP today in Washington State is US domestically grown marijuana. What can you say ?

    Well, at about the time of the release of the above report, they were busting about 2/3RDS the number of pot plants in Washington State compared to BC (have about the same population, I also note the RCMP count pot plants in their yearly drug report). To not mention this fact is really extremely misleading (just where is the data in the above report to actually claim there is no grow ops in Washington State to begin with, I note THEY use to make the same claims about Alberta and Ontario years ago ?).

    Also at that time too they were busting about 1000 meth labs per year in Washington State (about 17,700 meth labs in the USA at that time, the most we EVER busted in Canada was 40 meth labs, last year we busted 15 meth labs in Canada (we are now a major world leader according to the latest RCMP so-called information, who believes that ?), over 6000 meth labs were busted in the USA). Of course none of this is mentioned in support of mandatory minimum sentences like Washington State (like they worked for meth labs).

    And the author of this report above was the ONLY criminologist (an RCMP criminologist) that testified at the Bill C-15 Committee in support of mandatory minimum sentences (I only wonder if the above report with its FLAWED conclusion was entered as EVIDENCE to support mandatory minimum sentences, I hope OUR Senate doesn’t ignore such a serious FLAW in the evidence).

    They misrepresent to manipulate public opinion. They have decided for us ALL. Propaganda works and its been working well for the very political police lobby in Canada.

    Political Police = Police State.