CKNW Interview on the Vancouver Insite Decision

Video of me at the BC Supreme Court of Appeal for the courts decision regarding Insite, Vancouver’s safe injection site, and then a radio interview on CKNW’s Bill Good Show.

Watch on YouTube

The full interview:

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube



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  4. From the 70s on

    Propaganda, that is FEAR propaganda. Kids only have access to illicit drugs because they are not in adult only stores. And there are no EVIL drug pushers trying to addict our children, just fellow students who sell to fellow students (and they do NOT think they are doing anything wrong, its culture). That is just ONE BIG RCMP LIE.

    MisterGrean supports drugs in all the schools as its been for the last few decades.

    As for respect, its the RCMP that need to earn respect, not the people. The RCMP work for the people, not visa-versa.

    The illicit drug market is what it is because of our laws, bad laws.

  5. MisterGrean on

    The RCMP is not some gang of hooligans trying to impress their will and want upon the people they are tasked with protecting.

    It’s us, the voters, we elect the officials who create and develop the laws.

    I ask of you; if some gang sets up a grow-op next door to your house, steals your power, your water, dumps their garbage in your yard, trying to sell drugs to your children and threaten you with a loaded firearm . . .

    . . . who ya gonna call?

    In fcat, here’s a really big secret about the RCMP that very few people know of. RCMP Constables are people too. An even bigger secret; if you show they the respect they deserve for dealing with the horrors of society that most people can’t even imagine, well, they’ll show you the respect you deserve.

    The RCMP have my respect.

  6. From the 70s on

    “This misinformation pertaining to drugs is being promoted by special interest groups that are using the media to deliver their messages of HARM REDUCTION and decriminalization to a misinformed public. This lack of useful public information about drug use is lending momentum to proponents of another emerging health care issue — the use of illicit drugs for medicinal purposes. ” RCMP Report.

  7. Anonymous on

    The RCMP are blindly following a myth that society has EVER been drug free…EVER! Even with failed prohibitionist laws…NEVER EVER!

    Like the prior poster said – the RCMP can go fuck themselves…

  8. Zack James on

    1 has to wonder where that 78% of funds spent on fighting the drug war really is going….

    It is time for change….It is time to legalize and realize!

  9. Brian Kerr on

    The RCMP can go fuck themselves !

    I would like to see a RCMP free Canada.

  10. From the 70s on

    “Legalization/decriminalization and HARM REDUCTION theories, although seductive at first, are COMPLETELY INCONSISTENT with THE RCMP’S VISION for a drug-free society.” RCMP report.