C-15 is Dead!

I have some great news! C-15 is no more.

Today, Stephen Harper asked the Governor General to “prorogue” (end the session of) Parliament. This means that all the bills are dead, C-15 included!

Had it not been for the hard work of everyone in lobbying the Senate, C-15 would have passed into law. That’s right, we campaigned politically and won! C-15 has been stopped!

The Parliament will resume in March, and we can assume Stephen Harper will reintroduce C-15 in some form shortly thereafter.

We can not stop now! We must continue to build so that when C-15 comes back we can face it with even greater numbers and more intense campaigning.

Go to http://whyprohibition.ca/invite/import to invite your Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo friends to join WhyProhibition.ca, let’s turn this victory on C-15 into real reform of Canada’s drug laws!