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CANNABIS CULTURE – Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have secured their coveted majority government in a stunning election-day sweep. Dark days are undoubtedly ahead for Canada's cannabis culture, but the fight is not over.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Help save Canada's cannabis culture and VOTE TODAY! A Conservative majority government would mean serious negative consequences for the marijuana community and the entire country. Vote today to stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Canadians go to the polls today with a clear choice: the failed and contemptuous policies of Stephen Harper's Conservatives, or the sweeping vision of a prosperous, respected and free Canada offered by Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party. I urge you all to vote and to be part of the change that is coming to Parliament.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Conservative Stephen Harper could win a majority government with as little as 34% of the vote on May 2. We must ensure this does not happen, or S-10, and mandatory minimums like it, will be law in 100 days. The most important thing you can do is VOTE on May 2!

Michael Ignatieff has smoked pot. The Liberal leader faced two questions Wednesday morning from high school students wanting to know what he would do about legalizing marijuana.

Canada's decade-old medical-marijuana scheme is a complete mess. The next government can either try to fight in the courts to maintain a status quo that serves no one; or it can fix the problem. In the absence of legalization or decriminalization, the fix won't be easy.
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