Vote Today if You Care About Canada’s Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – Help save Canada’s cannabis culture and VOTE TODAY! A Conservative majority government would mean serious negative consequences for the marijuana community and the entire country. Vote today to stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

If you’ve been following Cannabis Culture‘s election coverage, you know that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the cannabis community’s worst nightmare.

You also know that we’ve been advising people to vote for whoever can beat the Conservative MP candidate in your riding from the Liberal, NDP, or Bloc Québécois parties.

With the polls showing massive increases in support for the NDP, predicting exactly who can beat the Conservatives in each riding has become more difficult.

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This stakes are high, so get out today and help make a real difference: VOTE TODAY and help SAVE CANADA from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives!

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  1. Anonymous on


    May 3, 2011

    Just passing it on …

    Thoughts on the Conservative majority and what it really means … starting with the leader himselfishness – an analysis.

    Harper is at war with himself, and he wants to drag the rest of us into the war with him. He wants a war on drugs, a war on terror, a war on freedom, a war on simple happiness … in fact his default mode is control by intimidation and confrontation. He thinks he is one of the good guys and that one of the strengths of the good guys is to never give up. Secure in his assumption that God has given him the thumbs up to prepare for the end times, he will now begin to turn the screws until everybody feels like he does – smug, self-satisfied and frightened. He is the worst sort of politician; one who thinks he is a warrior but who has no actual practical experience when it comes to the personal suffering and degradation that war brings to all involved. It’s the worst sort of sickness that a person can have. He should be having treatment, not using the entire country to play out his fantasies.

    And you assholes voted him a majority!

    Here’s my prediction of where the next four years will take us:
    Taxes will stay more or less the same but living costs related to service taxes and a shrinking of the money supply (interest rates for borrowing go up) will mean an over all loss in buying power and standard of living for the average Canadian.
    Social services; everything from pensions to health care will suffer cuts. Bureaucratic red tape and processing delays will be added to further restrict access to vital services. Mega-prisons will be constructed and staffed at enormous cost to positive social structures.
    Military spending will go up, and up, and up.
    The budget deficit will never reach zero or go into the black (thus saving Harper the embarrassment of honouring his election promises).
    Personal freedoms will diminish. Be prepared for a Canadian version of Homeland Security to arrive any day. The internet will be monitored and censored. United States cyber police will gain access to Canadian information.
    Zionists will continue to be supported, along with the actions of the USA in regard to foreign affairs.

    And you assholes voted him a majority!

    On the good side … after four years no one will be unsure of Harper’s intent. And compared to George Bush he’s pretty much a light weight; there is a limit to the amount of damage he can cause. So no matter how long it takes he will eventually destroy himself, tyrants always do.
    On the bad side … while we are waiting for Harper to self-destruct he gets to wreak havoc with our lives.

    Though none of the majority (who did not vote for him) can do anything to affect what happens in Ottawa, we can make life difficult for him and his cronies by ignoring as many of his new laws as we can, by doing what we want. This might mean acting in secret, but that is our strength. If the powers that be (PTB) cannot identify us then they can’t catch us.
    What I suggest then is that you should act against him by being civilly disobedience. Not by breaking things or setting fire to your local constituency office, but by ignoring laws that are unfair or discriminatory.
    Stay anonymous as much as you can. We need to remain an unidentified mass coming at them from all directions.
    The war on drugs is a perfect example of civil disobedience. Millions of people ignore the drug laws by smoking weed, growing it and distributing it to others for profit. Since most people who smoke weed are not violent or criminally inclined, this is actually a victimless crime. (Note: Harper’s knee jerk reaction will be to stiffen sentences across the board, put more people in jail and generally intensify the war like Nixon tried to do unsuccessfully in the 1970s).
    And on the deepest level you must try to pull your energy away from him. Let him fade into the background, see him passing away as if he never existed. Just an old politician that nobody liked. Nobody special. Like; Bob who?
    I have an intuition that Harper is probably a reincarnated WWI officer who spent the between life period in an astral Calvinist church, which means he returned with all of his bigoted thinking intact. The only thing that is fortunate about the whole situation is that he has been put into a position of relatively powerless power. As a corporate shill he has to do what he is told, and when they decide that he is no longer useful he will go. At least he isn’t ordering men forward into a hail of ordinance.

    And here’s my prediction of how his end will come about.

    Harper will try to make substantial changes in the way the political system works (to favour his own party) and suddenly numerous corrupt Conservative politicians will be exposed. The effect will be as if the bedroom door swings open to reveal Harper taking it up the bum from Obama.
    Shock horror!
    (You can bet that if the Harper machine reads this on any public forum – it will disappear.) So I suggest that if you are in accord with my thinking you should send this message to as many outlets as possible before it disappears forever.

    Who, you ask?

    Old whatshisname … helmet head, liver lips.

    Copying encouraged, you are free to use this as you like, with no acknowledgment of origin. In fact, these are not my words, I am merely passing it on …

  2. Anonymous666 on

    the sad part is that you are probably right about it man.

  3. Anonymous on

    this is a quote from the news article on yahoo

    “Harper returned to the microphone twice after taking several questions, even admitting to taking a modest swig of champagne in celebration of Monday’s win.”

    so obviously he’s got no problem with alcohol, he obviously doesn’t see it as evil as the marijuana. my take on this is that people like him knows about the truth on marijuana, its not that he’s stupid. he knows what he’s doing, he’s coming for us, and its not because he cares about our health.

  4. Anonymous on

    so the neo cons get a majority. i dont give a shit anymore

  5. DM on

    Until either the US economy / dollar collapses and they are no longer the superpower, or until LEAP and other organizations actually get fundamental laws changed to get rid of the rediculous prohibition laws, we can’t expect any significant reforms in Canada. Our leaders – including Layton – would just roll over when the US gave them the evil eye. Add to that all the vested interests around prohibition (gangs, lawyers, judges, drug cops, etc.) and you’ll see that prohibition is too entrenched to see anything substantial within a decade or so. Which sucks.

  6. Anonymous on

    I have always been disappointed in the behavior of other people which has lead to a great mistrust of almost everyone. This is one of the demonstrations why. When people are faced with the truth of an absolutely despicable choice for PM and they vote in a majority, this is proof of my mistrust. To have voted in a party that has violated law, wasted money, wishes to and advertises their intent to waste more and shows a criminal disrespect for Canadians and yet is given power to force through any socially irresponsible violation of Canadian civil and human rights, then this is a truly sad, sad day for Canadian freedoms.

    Goddess help us all. Because no one else will.

  7. Harper Subject on

    I WILL work Harder to resist cannabis prohibition!

    Damn it, Marc and Jodie you both have been so great at defending and supporting safe, responsible cannabis use. Your hard work will not be in vain.

    conservative supporters you voted Wrong.

  8. Anonymous on

    Now the Cannabis culture will have to work harder than ever against government oppression and injustice. When the crime bill passes it will have to be challenged in the Supreme Court, like the mandatory 7 year sentence for importation was. Another job will be making sure that the Harper government complies with the Matt Mernagh court ruling.

  9. Anonymous on

    Did not see a Conservative majority coming. I blame the Liberals for being so lame that they couldn’t even get enough seats to prevent a Conservative majority. That’s the big story in this election, the demise of the Liberal Party, or self destruction. I guess we won’t be seeing much of Iggy anymore. Serves him right for being an ignorant ass. I don’t know who they’ll use as the new leader though, considering Ignatieff was the best they could do before.

  10. Anonymous on

    Opposition means nothing. Harper can now pass the bill inducing mandatory marijuana sentences and new drug laws. This is the worst thing that could happen and now it did, Suck my Go go balls Harper!.

  11. JB on

    If at least the NDP can form a good opposition to Stephen Furher, maybe it won’t be as bad as it gets. Seriously, it’s really hard for me right now to have trust and respect for the country I live in (I stopped considering Canada “my” country, disappointment after disappointment. Quebec is almost entierly Orange, and I live in Quebec. Kinda feels good.). What the fuck is wrong man !

  12. Anonymous on

    If u did not vote may GOD forgive u and if u voted for the cause GOD bless u and if voted for the cons then Fu and all of yours

  13. Taylor on

    I did what I could. I rallied up all of my friends and convinced as many of them as possible to vote out Harper. Looks like they’ve won majority. I am SICKENED by this…time to smoke a fatty and sulk in disappointment.

  14. Chris on

    Disgusting, Say hello to every one of us in prison since now the conservatives have a majority. I wonder what the hell is wrong with 40% of Canadians, how could you vote for that Nazi Harper? The first prime minister to be held in contempt, the first to want to in slave you like the American justice system. Next he probably will shut down all sites on Cannabis.

  15. Anonymous on

    just voted today, NDP

  16. Anonymous on

    Good luck Brothers and Sisters in the north. I pray you crush that fag Harper in his pink lipstick!