Kind Words: The Loonie is Stronger Than Our National Identity (at least it’ll get you a bag of chips)

If you ever find yourselves in a discussion with someone about why the Canadian Conservatives need to go and the anti-prohibition angle isn’t hitting home (sadly, many hear the word “cannabis” and they shut down), consider the sovereignty angle:

  • The same government that REFUSES to bring home one of it’s own citizens from a foreign prison when even the foreign country has offered to let him serve the rest of his sentence in his home country near his family.
  • The same government that REFUSED to bring home one of its one citizens – a child kidnapped by a foreign agency – for two years and left it up to the child’s family to fight the world’s greatest superpower on their own.

Maher Arar, Michael Kapoustin – over and over again the Government of Canada has turned it’s back on it’s own people (visit the National Council for the Protection of Canadians Abroad).

Canadian citizenship is meaningless to this government. There is no country in the WORLD that has a more abysmal record of abandoning it’s own citizenry when they are far from home and in most need of help. The Americans NEVER do the same when it comes to Americans trapped abroad and virtually ALWAYS protect their own (when they’re outside of American borders, that is – inside, it’s a bit of a different story), even if it’s out of patriotic pride more than human compassion. Honestly, this government is not just useless, but actually malevolent in it’s bureaucrats’ drive to cover their own asses and politicians kowtowing to just about any foreign government agency that they come up against.

I’m blessed to live in Harper Hell – Calgary, Alberta (thank you for being a glimmer of hope in this Christian-right-wing-oil-drenched stain on the skivvies of The West). Normally, living where The Government lives is a good thing when you want your government to work for you. However, every Conservative MP (save one and he was fairly nutless) turned their back on my family when I begged for help and when pressed in Question Period about it (by a Liberal no less), they obfuscated and claimed that they were “doing everything we can to help the Kirkman family.” Just like they’re doing everything now to help the Emery family, I’m sure.

All that BS we went through made me realize that the reason why we – and this includes Marc and Jodie – were left to fend for ourselves isn’t just because of the “pot thing,” though of course our strong anti-prohibition stance is a perfect excuse for them to screw with us in the first place. So much more of it is because of the Canadian government’s milquetoast attitude toward the worth of a Canadian passport and what it means to be Canadian and whether or not that’s something worthy of giving a rat’s ass about.

As soon as I finish suing Oregon, I’m heading to Ottawa to sue the anemic soul (if they indeed have anything resembling one left on the Hill) out of the Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and I don’t care if my son is 32 years old when it happens. But you can send a message NOW to our government and to our fellow Canadians that we should NEVER forget that the Harper Conservatives were, are and will continue to be cancerous blights that must be removed or we risk losing so much more than the fight to end prohibition.

Light up the hearts and minds of Canada and TOKE the VOTE on May 2, 2011!