Vote Out The Cannabis-Hating Conservatives on May 2

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s Federal Election is just days away! Here’s a list of the best candidates to vote for in every riding to beat the marijuana-hating Conservatives on May 2.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are the most regressive and dangerous government our country has faced in the modern era. This is not the time for party politics – the stakes are quite literally life or death for the cannabis community. All three parties have been significantly more progressive and sensible about drug laws than the Conservatives, and we must do anything we can to stop the Cons from winning seats in the House of Commons. If Harper and his party manage to win a majority of seats, we face a near-dictatorship that will undoubtedly do everything it can to wipe the cannabis community off the map.

Click here for more info about the Conservative Party’s war on marijuana.

May 2, 2011 is the day you can take your country back by voting for whoever can beat the Conservative MP candidate in your riding from the Liberal, NDP, or Bloc Québécois parties.

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UPDATE: An amazing NDP surge – the Orange Wave – is rolling across Quebec and the rest of the country, making strategic voting more difficult. The NDP is doing so well, OUR PREVIOUS LIST IS NO LONGER VALID.

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  1. Jim on

    I’ve voted conservative since ’68. Not this time. They’ve become a party of accountants. Bottom line this, bottom line that. NAFTA. NATO, genetically modified food, prison industry, and on and on. If we can’t have factories, we can have prisons. That’ll keep the unemployed out of mischief.
    Anybody out there ever seen a joint? Doctor Leitch thinks you should go to federal prison for taking a puff on one. This woman knows that the stuff is less harmful than chocholate for pity sake. The Doctor is a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and yet she wouldn’t dare risk her ministerial prospects by pointing out that we are killing women and children collaterally in two wars of aggression right now.
    Harper is so confident in your ignorant complacency folks, that he’s enjoying the hospitality of the royal family as we speak. Of course we’re paying his way there and back. I think I’d rather have Jack in as PM for a wee while. Maybe that will give us time to see a true statesman rise in time for the next election in a year or two.

  2. Anonymous on

    I don’t believe that any of the three major parties would be soft on Cannabis. They all want to look “tough on crime” and since violent crime is already down they have to take the easy target, Cannabis. Obviously the Green Party won’t get elected and, barring a miracle, neither will the Liberals or NDP. Harper will still have a minority so he won’t be able to push his crime bill through anyway. The danger was Harper getting a majority government, right? Doesn’t look like much chance of that happening. Just another 300 million wasted on an election, that’s all, though I guess it worked out well for the NDP.

  3. Anonymous on

    it is Cindy Waters? where did you get this list?

  4. Anonymous on

    I agree with poor form; you shouldn’t tell how people to vote no matter how noble the cause. It’s undemocratic.

  5. Anonymous on

    i believe that it is poor form telling people who to vote for ,no matter how good one’s intentions are.8(

  6. Anonymous on

    Your recommendation: Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca=Lib – Lillian Szpak

    You obviously don’t know this woman – she is not a good choice. A better bet is NDP – Randall Garrison

  7. Anonymous on

    Im definitely voting NDP even though that chart recommends I vote liberal in my riding. I’d love to see jack as the lead of the opposition

  8. subvertc on

    Latest Environics poll – April 25th:
    Conservative 39%
    NDP 25%
    Liberal 22%
    BQ 7%
    Green 6%

    please vote NDP..harper will get his gov, but he will NEVER modify his budget, he will be defeated, which will cause the governor-general to turn to jack layton, as he will head the opposition, to form a ndp-lib gov…

    and the NDP are the only party of the 3 that supports electoral reform…