Canada’s 2011 Election: As the Smoke Clears

Photo by Bert Easterbrook. Click to enlarge.Photo by Bert Easterbrook. Click to enlarge.CANNABIS CULTURE – Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have secured their coveted majority government in a stunning election-day sweep. Dark days are undoubtedly ahead for Canada’s cannabis culture, but the fight is not over.

As the smoke cleared on the evening of May 2, it was all too evident that our worst fears had been realized: Harper and his marijuana-hating Conservative Party had won more than enough seats – 167 of the 308 in Parliament – to form a strong majority. Add that up with a stacked Senate, a quickly-changing judicial landscape, and a cowardly, ineffectual media and you have – in essence – a Conservative dictatorship.

Harper, an Evangelical Christian who harbors religion-inspired hostilities toward marijuana, has promised to pass all of his party’s dangerous law-and-order bills together within the first hundred days of his majority rule. This includes legislation that would enact mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-violent marijuana offences, like growing just a few plants in your own home or sharing baked cannabis treats. The enforcement of new laws is sure to lead to a massive and expensive expansion of the prison system, with Conservative-friendly corporations there to build, maintain, and make big profits – with no regard for the pain and suffering of non-violent Canadians.

“Did we just lose one of the most important battles in our movement’s history? Yes we did,” activist Jacob Hunter told Cannabis Culture. “It’s that simple. Harper can now pass any law he wants and he’s going to throw many of us in jail.”

Hunter is policy director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation and founder of the website, and had been hustling non-stop for the duration of the election to encourage members of the marijuana community to get out and vote.

“The result of this election was preventable, but it was inaction that caused it,” Hunter said. “Our community was nowhere near as mobilized as it should have been. Why did activist lists like the CCC do virtually nothing? Where were the websites? Forums? Magazines? Compassion clubs? Medical marijuana groups? Businesses? Why did our culture fail to mobilize beyond a few groups, most of whom are in Vancouver, the place least affected by Harper’s idiocy? These issues we must address if we are to mount successful campaigns in the future.”

Though there was considerable hype before the election speculating young people might come out to vote in stronger numbers, it looks like that didn’t happen. Elections Canada reports only 61.4% of eligible voters made it to the polls. That’s up from last year’s 58.8% but still a paltry number when compared to other elections in Canadian history.

Though a Conservative majority will likely be devastating to the marijuana community and all freedom and democracy-loving Canadians, the results of the 2011 election weren’t all bad. Jack Layton and his New Democratic Party surfed a crushing orange wave into second place with 102 seats, nearly drowning the Liberal and Bloc Québécois parties in its wake.

The NDP, the most left-wing of all the Canadian mainstream political parties, has long been an ally of the marijuana community. A recent example: Deputy Leader Libby Davies, Jack Layton’s second in command, spoke at Vancouver’s 4/20 celebration this year, calling for an end to prohibition and the return home of imprisoned Prince of Pot Marc Emery.

Emery was targeted for his marijuana legalization efforts and extradited to the United States by the Harper government to serve a 5-year sentence. In 2003, before he was arrested, Emery had NDP Leader Layton over to his house to film a video for Pot TV. In the video, Jack advocates the legalization of marijuana and likens pot prohibition to alcohol prohibition of the 20s.

In an interview with CC done over electronic prisoner mail, Emery commented on the seriousness of the Conservative election win.

“The fear and dread the cannabis culture feels about Stephen Harper’s majority is legitimate,” he said. “It will be a harsh four years of mandatory minimum jail sentences, new and extreme prohibitions, an attack on Canada’s federal medical marijuana program, and enhanced police powers. It will be a fearful time and the Conservatives will seek to put the cannabis culture on the run. There is no doubt we are in for the harshest time in Canada’s history as far as the cannabis culture goes.”

Emery also discussed the NDP’s historic win, and the election of the first Green Party Candidate to Canada’s House of Commons.

“The NDP will be more radical, more urban, and more vocal, and that helps us,” Emery said. “The Quebec MPs that have flooded into Parliament are largely young intellectuals and many, no doubt, are members of the cannabis culture. Libby Davies remains our greatest ally in Parliament. Elizabeth May, as the first ever Green Party MP, is a tremendous achievement and will be helpful to our culture in Parliament as well. The opposition of the NDP and Green Party is excellent regarding our issues, and there is hope the NDP will form government in 2015.”

“Everyone who hasn’t already needs to join the NDP right away and start getting very active,” Hunter said. “They should join their local riding associations and get active in both provincial and federal politics. The only hope we have is that in four years – if we haven’t been totally destroyed by Harper – that we are strong enough to mount a meaningful campaign against him. Because what we did now wasn’t enough and it wasn’t enough by a lot.”

Kirk Tousaw, a former Federal NDP candidate, attorney, and pot activist, told CC that a Conservative majority means “trouble ahead”, but that he was confident the movement will keep striving under harsher conditions.

“The cannabis culture has been oppressed from Day One and that has not changed,” he said. “We were oppressed before this election and we will certainly continue to be but we have flourished despite that. We continue to enjoy widespread popular support for our political positions with cannabis legalization still more popular across the country than any of the political parties. Stephen Harper obtained 40% of the popular vote, yet cannabis legalization enjoys 50% plus support and medical cannabis more than 90% support. We may be looking at harsher penalties being imposed on members of our community but we will fight that injustice every step of the way. Our movement is going to be stronger because we have to be.”

Tousaw also stressed the vital importance of becoming part of the political process.

“If we go quietly into the night you can guarantee that the politicians go quiet too,” he said. “The only way to actually implement change is to keep the pressure up. You have to remind the people that aren’t in majority control currently that they will have our support if they continue to say and do the right things about the policies that are important to us. Otherwise, our votes will go elsewhere.”

“The only defence for our culture is offence, so participate,” Emery said. “Vote in the Ontario provincial election this fall, in the BC provincial election this fall, in the civic elections this November. Support the canna-businesses that are politically active. Stay educated. Tell others, fight back. But if worse comes to worse, go to jail as a freedom fighter, not a victim of prohibition. Use the prison experience to strengthen your resolve, because many, many thousands of the cannabis culture are going to jail in the next four years.”

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Anonymous on

    You are mistaken, my southerly neighbour. Canada was poised to federally decriminalize pot back in 2003, until US diplomats pressured Canada by threatening to lock down the border if Canada did so. We’d have legalized it ages ago if it weren’t for the elephant sleeping next door.

  2. Dave on

    Justin Trudeau takes more from his mom than from his dad! This young man was raised by the RCMP and gets a warm fuzzy feeling when he thinks of Canada as a police-state.

  3. Dave on

    Already has in “Supreme Court of Canada Citation: R. v. Loewen, 2011 scc 21”. It’s cases like this that bring disrespect to the Canadian Judicial System.

  4. Dave B. on

    Cannabis and Christianity … if Christians wanted it legal, it would be. So it is probable that the majority of people who identify themselves as Christian see nothing unChristian in the act of depriving someone else access to a plant. I submit that a true Christian would be against punishment for cannabis. Take the example of Christ saying “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.”
    It clearly demonstrates, as do many other examples, that Christ wasn’t “tough on crime”.
    There is a difference between real Christians who try to follow the teachings of Christ and the people who call themselves Christians but are more “Old Testament”-“eye-for-an-eye”-“praise-the-Lord-and pass-the-ammo” types.
    Let’s not lump true Christians into the prohibitionist category.
    We’d be creating too many enemies unnecessarily.
    Unless someone feels they have the right to control my private behaviour, then I don’t have a problem with them.
    Let’s make it easy for true Christians to be a part of the cannabis movement.
    Well-intentioned but misguided Christian voices may have been largely responsible for cannabis prohibition (1923 in Canada and 1937 in the U.S.A.), but Christian voices could also be among those calling for its’ repeal as they were when alcohol prohibition was repealed.
    Let’s not turn our fight with prohibitionists into a fight with Christianity itself. That is not a fight that we are likely to win anytime soon.
    Just as with an individual, let’s confine our complaints to just the offending behaviour instead.
    If you do have a problem with Christianity, that is your right but it enlarges the cannabis battle to unmanageable proportions.
    Only when those who identify themselves as Christians (or anyone else for that matter) try to impose their morality on others, do we have an obligation to complain and to resist.
    We have a much better chance of changing Christianity for the better than we do of eliminating it.
    TV evangelist Pat Robertson calling for cannabis legalization on January 2nd, 2011 is an example of a Christian speaking out for legalization.
    However, he isn’t the Pope and we can assume that the Vatican won’t be issuing any pro-legalization statements.
    Mainstream Christianity, we can also assume, won’t be coming out in favour of abortion, gay rights or legalized cannabis. Nonetheless, movements for individual rights seem to be gaining ground everywhere.
    “Majority rule” becomes “mob rule” if individual freedoms aren’t respected.
    It is up to us to befriend and to educate that majority so that they cease to be an uneducated mob. It is up to us to help “revoice” Christianity into a version more in line with Christ’s teachings. Jesus would not support the incarceration of cannabis users so whoever does so is obviously not Christian.
    We should not allow the term “Christian” to be easily-used by the prohibitionists.
    We should not let the “Christian” label be brought into play and let the “prohibitionists” fight and lose under the Prohibitionist flag and not the Christian flag.
    Now that is battle that could be won. It was won in the case of alcohol prohibition and that same scenario is ripe to reoccur. We must separate the prohibitionists out from the rest of the Christian flock and target them and their misguided policies specifically.
    And I mean “target” with words and persuasive arguments never anything violent or hurtful! And please, no more innocent pro-pot Christians as collateral damage! Some people have expressed unhappiness with how Christians are treated on this site and I think they should be welcome but also understand our problem with Christian Moral Entrepreneurs.
    We need them and their Christian voices on our side.
    We need to convert the prohibitionists. Converting Christians is a different struggle.
    Humanity is hopefully on a long road to freedom and legalizing cannabis is part of that journey. Hope, learn, and teach!

  5. Anonymous on

    I think the Liberals lost because the ad against iggy which shows Micheal saying… = “I will not take a GST hike off the table”

    That is why liberal lost – ya think?

    Forced election wasn’t ready to change, Cons stayed in because of the unexpected election at last minute notice to people!

  6. Anonymous on

    If we drive on public roads, we already risk our life everyday because people are money hungry and need to get there…. Drive while high = NO ROAD RAGE, NO RACE, NO SPEEDING
    = OBEY THE LAWS!!!!!!

    Smoking dope makes people obey more laws than the government thinks!

  7. Anonymous on

    If we need to get Canada in a place of ‘more trouble than worth’ to compare to the real war mongers of the USA, then….. that will need to be worse than anything on the planet to get USA to let Canada legalize without them, you know because the cartel wars in Mexico next to USA still haven’t gotten any progress, after 30000 deaths in a year…. CARTEL WAR ON CANADA BORDER NEXT! Already exists!!!

  8. Anonymous on

    To change, when..? 50 yrs or more from now? Good luck breathing then….

  9. Anonymous on

    Religious groups are usually the only true dedicated people, but dedicated to the right thing…, NO….

    So the ones who do vote deserve to NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE… if it doesn’t make a difference, then….. I DOn’T DESERVE the remaining lazy useless goofs to represent me…. YOU’RE ALL WAL-MART WELFARE LOVERS!
    If you’re rich….. F – OFF and get out of the country, you’re a citizen of another country as well if you’re rich enough! Greencard, Visa, passport….. Not true Canadians!

  10. John on

    When Christians stop making their religious lies into laws and forcing them on everyone else, then perhaps that negative linkage can dissipate.

  11. Anonymous on

    GOD is your psychosis of Conservative Government control, you are brainwashed and using religion AGAIN is something that the 20-35% of smokers who are talented smart successful healthy wealthy POTHEADS which don’t need to hear GOD vengeance! Wear your crown of thorns, while I smoke my tasty herb! mmmmmmmmmm! Cough Cough Cough! Jesus is the man with the burning bush! But the Pope is a child abuser!

    You enjoy the articles….. CC is the most propaganda loving magazine to show the bad things about every factor involved, with a few good ones, but mostly bad info, you should be disgusted by more than half of these articles!

  12. Anonymous on

    Like what kind of jobs, police, DEA?, RCMP, tactical police units, prisons? What economy of jobs will be available?

  13. Anonymous on

    Harper won because iggy isn’t a politician. Sure he was leader of the librals but he has so much previous public speaking books and other material out there that he left himself open to harper using his own words against him. Look at harpers ads that ended with iggy talking about his america. Iggy wasn’t a bad guy just wasn’t the right one for the leader of the liberals. The conservatives used his word to fear monger people who didn’t understand. The ones who would have other wise voted liberal now had either the NDP or the conservatives to chose from. Sorry to say but the NDP do have a rep for raising taxes so now you split that vote and you have a conservative majority. When you have the liberals and the NDP, both leftys you split the vote and the conservatives come out on top. Now if you want to get the conservatives out, you create a second right wing party and split their vote. If you end up getting anyone elected then you cross the floor and form the government.

  14. Norm on

    The Fight Is On.

    The peaceful cannabis community must rise up and be counted. No more closet cases. Come out of the closet and be a vocal oppenent of Comrade Harper and his sadistic War on Marijuana People. Stop expecting someone else to do it.

    Get out of your closet and join the resistance. Make a difference. Start with a brief letter to the editor of you local paper.

    There is strength in numbers. Harper wants to divide us, but this will backfire and unite marijuana lovers like never before.

    Tell your Conservative politician that God created the marijuana seed. Don’t let any phony Christians step on your God Given right to enjoy the healing herb.

    Plant some Seed and Free The Weed


  15. Anonymous on

    Agreed. Also, if you are hating on Harper for being an evangelical Christian you are also offending people who are reading the articles on this site. I have been following cannabisculture for a while now, and I really enjoy the articles and information on the site; however, the hate toward Christians is a disappointment, especially since I consider myself one. I love cannabis, but I also love God and I don’t think there needs to be a negative linkage between the two.

  16. Anonymous on

    “Trying to demonize the Conservatives” – LOL!
    They don’t need any help. They are lumping pot growers in with murderers and child molesters with Mandatory minimums. They are expanding the war on drugs to match the idiocy in the U.S.
    They are driving even more production and sales out of hands of normal users and into the hands of hardened criminals who do not fear jail time.
    Expect more police incentive, even mandate to harass pot users.
    Expect a sharp rise in prices as people will expect to be paid more for the increased risk they take growing and dealing in the Conservative police state.
    I hope you Conservative shills who hypocritically vote for proto-fascists while enjoying cannabis are the first to have your doors kicked in.
    Fucking morons.

  17. Anonymous on

    Risk Factor.The price of pot just went up everyone.

    As far as i’m concerned, Harper & his gestapo can bite me & will never get my vote as i’m sick of being treated as a 2nd class citizen because of my preference of pot over dope in a bottle. i am diabetic, which makes booze a killer for me, by slow death. love a couple of occasional beers though.
    Is there anyone else out there in my predicament? I don’t think i’m alone.

    Here i am, after working 50 hours a week in a high stress job as a Engineering Design Leader, at home picking up my guitar, having a puff and unwinding in my own house. How Dangerous is that? Hey, i’ve been working, paying lots of taxes & paying the paychecks of the very same people that want to keep persecuting me for my ways. kind of ironic isn’t it. i’m 55 and am not going to change for anyone except myself. private prison’s are a disgrace, based on Marc’s blogs.

    It’s Time for a National ‘REEFERENDUM’ to decide the fate of Canadians.

  18. Anonymous on

    I’d say the verdict is still out on whether or not the U.S. survived the Bush years. Let’s wait and see what state the country is in a decade from now.

  19. Anonymous on

    This was a devastating loss. But here’s a little something to help keep your head high and morale up while we lick our wounds and plan our next move.

    Support for legalization has grew enormously here in the United States over the 2000s. Even under the rule of possibly the most right-wing administration we’ve ever had, support for legalization reached record highs.

    What we’re seeing now are acts of desperation from a frightened group of people on the wrong side of history.

    That’s not to say we’ve won this just yet– a wounded beast can be a very dangerous beast. But we also haven’t lost, not by a long shot. We must simply make prohibition more trouble than it’s worth in the eyes of enough people.

    The United States didn’t win the Revolutionary War by defeating the British. We got our independence by being more trouble than we worth.

    Honestly, I think the phrase “Make it more trouble than its worth” needs to be the mantra of all who want to fight corruption and injustice within their country.

  20. moldy on

    I hope your supreme court hasn’t been bought like the one in the states.

  21. Anonymous on

    That is not correct my friend. The government launched an appeal, which means that judge Talianos decision is like it never happened until the appeals court makes a ruling. If you think on July 11th you can walk around smoking and not get busted, your going to get yourself in trouble.

  22. Anonymous on

    SIN TAX!!!

  23. Onward on

    If the US can survive Bush, Canada can survive Harper.

  24. Kane Slater on

    As far as I know (direct from the plaintiff via Facebook), the Mernagh case still means that Cannabis possession/cultivation becomes legal in Ontario on July 11th. And there is nothing the Cons can do about it.

  25. texas redneck on

    You would think the God loving conservatives would help God’s sick to take his plant, that is safer than pharm’s meds, and serve the sick and dying.The bible I read says we should do all we can for the sick and dying and that to serve them would be as serving God. He put the plant on this earth for us to use as we see fit.I hope if I get cancer that the ‘harpers’ will get out of my way and I can get my cure. Evan in Texas we have our ‘harpers’.

  26. nymbus on

    Well what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger, after recovering.

    they may be upping the sentences, but they will never be able to destroy ones moral craving for freedom. I believe that people in this culture are far too comfortable with the current way things are handle. Maybe if more people are going to be affected by prison sentences, including the families of, and that does not exclude family members of conservatives also. Then it may be the push the culture requires to mobilize and finally conduct synchronistic.

    as far as those who voted conservatives in, I believe that they were more focused on fear tactics of the current state of the economy. At one point or another things will change, the world will not be consumed by greedy corporation, or a parasitic society. the idea of governmental nuclear families, focusing on slavery of peoples. holding 8A.M.-5P.M. jobs so that you can pay your taxes like good little children. In this society why wouldn’t you want smoke one after work.

  27. Anonymous on

    he certainly is

  28. Oh Oh on

    Well, Iggy sabotaged the party. I guess he’ll go back to Paris, where he came from. Justin Trudeau is all wrought up because there wasn’t enough enthusiasm from the ground. If the leadership is pushed on him, he might take it. Maybe that will matter. He’s no dummy.

    You know, people just aren’t happy talking about marijuana. Sorry. I suppose that will continue. A lot of non-users are going to watch their friends, sons, daughters and parents be persecuted with these prohibition laws, shortly. I guess if you’re not one of them, it’s a form of white-washing entertainment. These prohibition laws were originally enacted to put people of colour in jail. Up until just lately it’s mainly been people of colour and people of the First Nations who do go to jail for pot. That will change in 97 more days.

    Justin Trudeau: it’s very difficult to be strongly behind a party, calling itself ‘Liberal’, that wants to put people in jail for this herb, used harmlessly by so many adults making an adult choice. Your parents were famous for it, Justin – things didn’t turn out so bad for you. As opposed to your parents being described as out of control, mandatory jail and their kids taken to be raised by strangers. It’s not all your fault, Justin, I don’t want you to feel that – there’s enough blame for everyone to share. We could still be friends.

    It’s just a guess but perhaps the 44% that didn’t vote was partially because 44% figure their M.P.s think of them as vermin to be exploited for a vote, then discarded. Perhaps not, but you know there is contempt on the record and it isn’t in the process of going down. For many Canadian citizens, we are crashing into an era of cruelty, fear, horror, torture and deprivation. That is what a lot of people truly believe is coming. Re-read your Sir Issac Newton for the rest of what must follow. It’s the law. Always has been. It’s sad.

  29. joe on

    Well we have the courts to help us in constitutional challenges. This will be a very busy supreme court for the next 5 years.

  30. Eddy on

    You were wondering who voted for Harper. There are two main types of people that make up the Harper base. First, there are the people who put greed before everything, who think Harper’s pro-business stance will help them to accumulate more money. The second group is the fundamentalist Christians. These pious fools think Harper is doing God’s work by turning Canada into a Christian nation. They are so besotted with religion that they are oblivious of the many ethical breaches that Harper and his minions have committed.

    In the next four years Harper will legislate new laws that punish sinners such as those who enjoy a medicinal plant that, ironically, was created by his God. He will also work hard to take away the right of a woman to choose abortion, and those sinful gays and lesbians had better forget about being able to get married. There are people all over Canada who are ecstatic at the prospect of exacting God’s justice upon sinners. These are the people who voted for Harper.

    There is another group of people who indirectly voted for Harper. There are millions of voters who got sucked in by media hype to vote for the non-Con candidate of the moment, or to reject the non-Con candidate the pundits claimed was lacking in charisma. These people are the shallow folk who seldom think about politics, and whose opinions are easily swayed by political ads and the media. These people have no clue how to vote strategically non-Con, and their stupidity resulted in massive splitting of the non-Con vote across the country.

    Harper was elected by greedy people, irrational religionists, and people who mistakenly thought they were voting for another party, but were actually helping Harper by splitting the vote. Given the foolishness of so many voters and the apathy of those who did not vote, many Canadians deserve the government they have allowed to come about.

  31. Spanner McNeil on

    We are out numbered. We are surrounded. Yet, we are going to win every single point. We are not alone. Legalization is perfectly clear.

  32. Rosa on

    Hmmm… actually, I think that’s twenty-four percent –(40% of (60%) = 0.24)
    But anyway, I don’t believe it. Somehow, by some fraudulent means, they must have inflated the numbers.

    No, I can’t believe it at all, not after their contempt for parliament, the fury in readers opinion forums over their proroguing of parliament, the “Harper Government” name change — (like they’re thinking of privatizing government, now, bidding for the contract or something…) There was that Bev Oda affair, lies about the G20 spending, abuse of police powers and surveillance, exposure after exposure of their corruption and contempt for the people.

    Really, you check the most highly rated comments on any news story on CBC, for example, everyone agrees about what a fascist pig Harper is. It’s unreal.

    What are those people who allegedly voted for them? I don’t know any. Oh you have your sock-puppet trolls that come on and try to give the impression that they’re some kind of majority. That’s it really, just a small reactionary aggressive gang.

    Anyway, don’t feel too badly. The NDP would bend over for their corporate masters just like the ‘Cons’ if they got a majority, just slower and with the pretext of “Oh but we have no choice… we have to balance the budget…” Meanwhile keeping the tax cuts for the rich… Then everyone would be even more demoralized because that’s what they voted for.

    They’re mostly puppets these politicians and their parties. The few idealistic ones learn very quickly how futile it is to resist. It’s just a circus, really. They all lie and make all kinds of promises to get in. And then they don’t do what they promise. This is why people have lost any faith in the parliamentary system of “democracy”. Really, your vote decides NOTHING when it comes down to what they DO. Decisions are made OUTSIDE parliamentary bodies. It’s all corporate sponsorship and secret lobbying, and kickbacks, etc. The system is as rigged as a casino. You can bet the corporations will win every time, no matter what party takes power. It’s become designed that way.

    If you don’t believe it, look at how people had all this hope that Obama was going to change things. So, what has he changed? Uh, nothing… He’s worse, actually. He’s sending MORE troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, making MORE cuts to education, social and medicare programs, giving BIGGER bailout packages to the banks. Look what’s happening in Wisconsin now. And this is good old Obama, who everyone thought was going to SAVE them from all this.

    The ‘government’ is a crime syndicate, like mafiosos on the world scene, invading and plundering. ‘Your’ government, ‘your’ country is not ‘yours’. So what do you do? You go to a polling booth and put an X in a box and think you’re doing something? I don’t blame people for having hopes, but they’re gonna get wise after awhile.

    Anyway, don’t fret. Everything’s just starting to come to a boil here. At least we see a polarization emerging. The middle (Liberals) have been wiped right out because they stand for nothing. When the smoke clears, people finally realize that they have to begin to build some system of their own that will put human and environmental need above corporate profit. And corporations are responsible to no one but their shareholders. BP Oil, just to bring up one recent example…

    It’s time to put all the real criminals of society, the ones who sacrifice the lives and futures of all of us, behind the bars that they intend for us, make THEM accountable. Once there’s no longer any real pretense of ‘democracy’ here… And year after year they’re ensuring that will happen. Look at the police state they have been putting into place for the past decade in the name of ‘security’. They’ll see what people will do.

    What else can we do? The system does not work. It hasn’t worked for a long, long time. And this is why so many people don’t bother to vote. Vote for what, Kang or Kodos? Cowboy X or Cowboy O? So many times to go through this process of electing a ‘representative’ who never represents the majority of us? Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t. If they threatened to have any success at that, they’d be bumped off probably or some scandal would come out.

    Sorry… 🙂

    Free Marc and all political prisoners! Free the world! of these bloodsucking leeches… ugh… Spread the word. Keep it the fight going.

  33. Anonymous on

    Are you guys going to start threating to move to the US now? EEK I doubt it’s that bad yet. I hate harper and I’m not even Canadian.

  34. Anonymous on

    …actually the mandatory minimum is 6 months for 6-200 plants.

  35. Anonymous on

    …actually the mandatory minimum is 6 months for 6-200 plants.

  36. Anonymous on

    the cons only got 40pct of the 60pct who voted
    nationally, only SIXTEEN percent of Canadas population voted for him..

  37. Anonymous on

    I think you are right. And like it or not, Canadians as a whole are not going to motivate against harper based on a few potheads going to jail. Luckily for us, Harper WILL fuck up the economy and health care – he is bound to. That is when the tables will turn, as that will affect *most* Canadians.

  38. Anonymous on

    I’m sorry but I don’t think building more prisons and putting non violent cannabis users in jail for long periods of time is going to help the economy. Especially when it costs 40,000 a year to house a person in jail. The only thing it’s going to do is create more violence, more crime, ruin peoples lives, and cost tax payers a fortune. Experts have already said that what Harper claimed the cost of the crime bills will be is going to cost 5 times more just in the first year. All you have to do is look at the USA with their mandatory minimums. Stephen Harper has done nothing to create jobs; maybe unless your talking about creating some temporary Mc Jobs that pay 10 bucks an hour that you can’t even survive on. If he did there wouldn’t be shit loads of youth that have university degrees and can’t land a job that pays more than minimum wage. If he is supposed to be about saving the economy spending money on new jets and prisons and putting cannabis users away is not going to fix the economy or create jobs.

  39. John on

    Easier to grow than tomatoes. Tomatoes are $1.50 a pound. Any attempt to commercialise would push production to back gardens and basements.

  40. Anonymous on

    well said…

  41. Anonymous on

    …I really like the grow and strain knowledge here, but politically the propaganda on this site appears quite naive. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are very convincing in their message of creating jobs and a healthy economy. That is why the Conservatives won, because that is what is most important to voters.

    Do you think any one political party is going to save the cannabis movement? Well, you have already been duped, just ask the Democrats in Washington state.

    I’m not posting this to kick anybody will they are down. I just want to point out that financial issues are most important to people right now, not cannabis. If you can sympathize with these voters (after all, we all need jobs to make a living) then maybe you will have a better chance getting the support of these same voters for pro-cannabis laws. Trying to demonize the Conservatives certainly hasn’t helped your cause.

    Cannabis will slowly, but surely, become legal due to the internet continually debunking decades of government lies and propaganda. This is evident by all the great strides the cannabis movement has made in the last 15 years. Stay positive, not too much longer…

  42. Anonymous on

    I watched the votes get counted as a scrutineer for the Liberals, and as far as I know there is always a chance for human error. However, I must say I witnessed none.

    I too agree with the need for the NDP in our house of commons, but watched as an absentee NDP candidate threw away any chances for our fantastic incumbent (a liberal), putting into power another conservative MP. I think Cannabis Culture Mag did a dis-service to Canadians by not explaining strategic voting, as frankly a NDP minority would have been much more favourable than our now highly polarized house of commons. Frankly the seats held by anyone but the Conservatives at the moment are useless, and furthermore meaningless as an indicator of what is to come. I predict people will be outraged with the NDP’s inability to do anything (not considering that they CAN’T) and they will yo-yo right back down to where they once were.

  43. Isaac from Intercourse, PA on

    Well lets set the record straight, for the second time in a row Canada had extremely poor voter turn out. The advanced polls seemed to show an increase but that didn’t pan out in the end.

    A little over half the country voted and the Conservatives got over half of those who voted. I wouldn’t call this a resounding victory for the Harper regime at all.

    Also, you do not use electronic voting machines there in Canada, but is the chain of custody secure and the count open to inspection? …just saying, the system could be susceptible to vote fraud, like every election is just south of you.

  44. llehctim on

    IT’s time to take a page out of the Segregation movement in Alabama during the early 60s, FILL THE JAILS with the innocent, non-violent stoners. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

  45. Dave on

    For those willing to play, raising the stakes makes the game more interesting and the profits greater.

  46. Anonymous on

    Back in the 1980’s we thought the same thing. Thirty years later and nothing’s happened yet. Whatever party gets into power will likely backpedal, obfuscate, study more and delay forever. Perhaps cannabis will NEVER be legal.

  47. Anonymous on

    just look up bill S-10. Everything in bill S-10 will be passed within 100 days. example 6-200 plants is 1 year mandatory minimum. If you get convicted of trafficking the sentence goes up to 14 years. There is also a bunch of special clauses and such, like within a certain distance of a school, making edibles. The other major part of the bill is the change in parole times. Right now you can get out after only 1/6th of sentence served and when they pass their law package it will be 2/3rd’s must be served.

  48. Anonymous on

    I have been thinking about it, and for the short term we are fucked. The long term we might be well on the way to legalization. Probably going to take another couple decades but eventually Harper’s policies will fail just like they have everywhere else they have been implemented. Once this happens, the conservatives will be voted out and disappear just like the liberals, and the NDP will take over. It’s just gonna get allot worse before it gets better. Like always do what your gonna do and deal with the consequences later.

  49. Anonymous on

    Anyone have link to all of the crime laws he is going to pass?

    Curious what the sentences will be.

  50. Anonymous on

    Looks like the good ole USA is leading the way again into the future. With your country also following the ways of conservatism just like here in the states, get ready. Prepare for the prison industry to boom, large private businesses to make billions and the police to further erode any rights you once had.

    Canada is entering what the US has been in since Reagan. Dupe the idiots of the country for the good of the rich and powerful.

  51. Anonymous on

    We are fucked 🙁

    RIP Canada: 1867-2011