Ignatieff Admits to Smoking Pot

Michael Ignatieff has smoked pot. The Liberal leader faced two questions Wednesday morning from high school students wanting to know what he would do about legalizing marijuana.

Ignatieff told the students he supports decriminalizing the possession of small amounts so young students are not penalized for a stupid mistake but that he won’t legalize weed.

When asked by a reporter, after his town-hall with the students, whether he had ever had a joint, Ignatieff said: “I have smoked pot as a young man, yes . . . and it’s one of the reasons why I urge young people not to repeat the experience. It did not ruin my life. I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner.

“Hey, I mean, let’s all relax here.”

– Article from The Montreal Gazette.

Ignatieff: Just say no to pot

by By Alison Crawford, CBC

Today at St. Mary’s College, a Catholic high school in Sault Ste. Marie, students peppered Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff with questions about everything from affordable housing for aboriginal people to whether he thinks the price of natural gas will ever go down.

And then a student named Andrew approached the microphone. “I was wondering what your opinion is about the case in Southern Ontario about the potential legalization of marijuana?”

Ignatieff paused for a few seconds before answering and for the first time that morning, almost every teenager looked up to listen to the answer.

“What I think about this is I don’t wany any young person in this room to have their lives ruined with a criminal conviction for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Our government, when we were in government, committed to fix that. I don’t want your lives to start to get ruined by a stupid mistake but I’m opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I just think it gets us into problems we can’t manage. And so while I want to decriminalize the possession of small amounts I do not support legalization.”

A few seconds later, another student got up and asked for more clarification, “What do you mean by decriminalize and not legalize, like what do you mean?”

Ignatieff responded, “I just mean I don’t want to send you to jail if you’re caught with a couple of joints of pot in your pocket. But legalize marijuana I think takes us into a place which I just think may have some bad consequences. I want you folks going to school, getting a job, going to work. I don’t want you sitting around smoking pot all day. I’ll be frank with you. You’ve got better things to do with your time.”

And to complete the Ignatieff pot question trilogy, the natural follow-up question came at the post-townhall media availibility.

Ignatieff did not hesitate to reply in the affirmative. “I have smoked pot as a young man, yes. And it’s one of the reasons why I urge young people not to repeat the experience. It did not ruin my life but I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner, eh? Let’s all relax here.”

– Article from CBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    So, Ignatieff had no problem at all quitting cannabis. This is not surprising, as cannabis is not addictive. In fact, it’s the number one reason people smoke pot in place of alcohol — it’s easy to get off the stuff. At the same time, Ignatieff still consumes alcohol. This is not surprising, either, as alcohol is notoriously addictive. This is the real reason he still drinks alcohol, and the real reason he promotes alcohol as “more important and interesting” than pot. This is nothing more than the rationalization of an alcohol addict. He won’t quit alcohol because he can’t quit alcohol.

  2. Anonymous on

    Ignatieff, you are an immoral prohibitionist fascist. Hurry up and die. You piece of crap !

  3. Paul Pot on

    It’s sad to see politicians admit they’ve smoked then tell us ‘but it was a mistake’, so we can’t legalize it cause marijuana gets you into a lot of trouble. How dumb are these guys. It’s the law that gets people into trouble. Get rid of the laws and people won’t get into trouble. Why can’t these people refer to the working examples like Portugal. And apparently we should all be getting drunk after dinner every night. It’s all fear and prejudice.

  4. Anonymous on

    It looks more like the politicians and the doctors are afraid to represent marijuana…. who’s telling both of them to shut up and not support medical marijuana prescriptions or recreational legalization!!!! Doctors scared to SIGN! Politicians scared to LOSE VOTES! maybe you’ll gain votes if you give up reefer madness form the 1930’s!!!!!!

    Its important to drink wine?

    A couple joints in your pocket???

    Looks more like the lawyers and judges are behind the NEVER-LEGALIZE opinion!!!!! Or they might lose their job if it were legal! TOO BAD FOR YOU JUDGES & LAWYERS! You like to smoke too!!!!!

    Politicians can’t do $%^&*(*& about it!!!



  5. Anonymous on

    If the school students were already high, why is he trying to tell them not to smoke pot? That other drug called alcohol is better?

  6. Anonymous on

    I don’t hate Harper( Hate is to strong of a word) I just dislike him. 🙂

  7. Anonymous on

    The only reason he is not in support of Legalizing it is because he can’t …I’m sure we all know by now that any president, Prime Minister is a puppet head… I believe if he could he would…He has smoked it and knows its not some kind of evil drug…Which would you rather have Stephen Harper(I live in Calgary and I hate this fool) or Ignatief…I’m sure it not a hard decision. Ignatief can be worked with on this issue, Harper I think not…


    “I want you folks going to school, getting a job, going to work. I don’t want you sitting around smoking pot all day. I’ll be frank with you. You’ve got better things to do with your time.”

    WOW, that’s a very BOLD statement…

    Quite honestly Mr. Ignatief, it is not your decision. While there may be merit to the opinion and indeed, young minds should be developing without interference from any mind altering substance, be it good or bad for you, the government needs to stay out of individual lives.

    It’s up to the PARENTS and SCHOOLS to provide children with the truth, information and guidance about the substances they will encounter growing up.

    Allowing an organization of like-minded people to dictate their opinion on what is good and bad, to children, is considerably comparable to brainwashing. A parent has a natural right to tell their children what they feel is right and wrong, good or bad.

    No member of government and no group of governing bodies has a right to tell you how to raise a child nor do they have a right to intrude on your parenting and enforce their beliefs upon young minds.

    Moralities and responsibility lessons aside, no group of people has the right to strangle our natural Human Right to consume natural substances. It’s absurd, to say the least, that anyone can honestly think they’re doing people a favor by restricting Humans from growing and consuming a plant. The truth of the matter is, these drug policies do nothing more than strip Human beings of a natural right, granted to us by the very Earth we walk on.

    When public policy begins interjecting into the homes of individual citizens and enforces a specific way of life by way of controlling a persons appetite by legislation, liberties are violated, and freedom simply becomes a myth. Instead of public policy upholding the rights and will of the people, it supports greedy corporate entrenchment and like-minded business junkies. These are people who would rather see your child hooked on their product instead of a natural substance because it puts a big steak dinner on their plate every night…

    So of course they are going to object to you raising your child the way you think is right. Of course they are going to use every resource they can manage to fling their pockets at to entice you and make you believe their product is wonderful. They want YOU and your children to make their product a life long wealthy investment. That’s business. That’s politics.

    It comes with little need to say that, a natural, useful, easy to cultivate and reproduce, healthy, and natural stimulant such as Cannabis would be devastating to many of the worlds largest industries. It’s becoming increasingly clear how aware these corporations and businesses are of this fact.

    Do not think for one minute that these people have you or your childrens best interests at heart. Listen to them speak and read what they write as a skeptical and caring parent. It may be hard to imagine that the people who appear in public to us as compassionate, intelligent, trustworthy beings could have a not so desirable, personal agenda. However, keep this in mind as we all know that every person, every being, young and old, we all have our own personal agendas…

    Statements like this should be met with extreme question. Why does the government want to be so involved with you and your families personal lives? Shouldn’t WE decide what WE need OUR government to do for us? After all, we do pay them. We are THEIR employer.

    You don’t go around proposing how they raise their children and live their lives…

  9. Anonymous on

    “It did not ruin my life. I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner.”

    Oh I see. Ignatieff thinks using Cannabis to reduce the stress of, say, college is a waste of time but drinking wine is just great. That way, on top of being stressed you can also be poisoned. Sounds like a great combination, doesn’t it? I wonder who told him they were spending all of their time using Cannabis? As far as I know, it only takes a few minutes to administer and lasts for several hours. In between that time you can do lots of other things, which you wouldn’t want to do if you were poisoned by alcohol. Ignatieff seems to think it’s a matter of EITHER using Cannabis OR doing interesting things with your life. Funny, I seem to be able to do both. Ignatieff just can’t handle his medicine and gets coachlocked from a pin joint, apparently. Now we know why his name has “Ign” at the beginning, he’s an ignorant jerk. Fortunately, after this election he’ll be going back to book writing permanently, assuming the Liberal Party can find a trained chimp to replace him.

  10. Anonymous on

    Mr.Ignatieff likes to have a glass of wine after dinner and for him it is an interesting thing to do with his life. Other people like me for exemple have been told by their doctor to abstain from drinking wine or any alcohol as a matter of fact but having a good marijuana cigarette is one good thing to do to enjoy life and relax.Mr.Ignatieff is asking all canadians to follow in his exemple.Canadas mosaic is much more complex than Ignatieff thinks.
    Another thing. He smoked pot when he was young but quit as an adult. He should have done the opposite : abstain from smoking when he was young but smoke as an adult. The fact that he quitted in his adulthood has ruin his life: his views on marijuana are totally out of touch with the reality and he will never become prime minister. I call that a failure. Cheers Mr.Ignatieff and keep enjoying your grape nectar !