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CANNABIS CULTURE - Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have reintroduced drug legislation that includes mandatory minimum sentences of 6-9 months for growing 6 or more marijuana plants, and 12-18 months for making any hashish (including baked goods!)

CANNABIS CULTURE - Bill C-15 is likely to be reintroduced this Thursday as Bill S-10. The Bill is reported to include the same 9 months for 1 plant provisions and the same 18 months for making hashish provisions, and is expected to cost billions of dollars.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Is Canada's war on drugs part of a cultural genocide?

CANNABIS CULTURE - The severe new drug bill that would have brought mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana crimes to Canada, Bill C-15, has died as a result of the Harper government's decision to prorogue Parliament.

The Conservative government and the Liberal-dominated Senate may find this a buzz-kill but a drug expert says neither of their approaches to prosecuting pot producers makes sense.
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