Bill C-15 Dead, For Now

CANNABIS CULTURE – The severe new drug bill that would have brought mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana crimes to Canada, Bill C-15, has died as a result of the Harper government’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down the Canadian government for two months, effectively scuttling all bills before the current Parliament, including Bill C-15.

Though the Conservative Party is calling it “routine”, critics see the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament until after the Winter Olympics as an affront to democracy and a “scam” – a politically shrewd move to avoid criticism and inquiry into Canada’s role in the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan.

It may be underhanded, but the move is a relief for Canadian cannabis activists and pot users who have been fighting to stop Bill C-15 from becoming law.

“It is a delay,” says policy director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, Jacob Hunter. “It gives us more time to organize into an even more effective political force to stop this in the Parliament.”

The bill, which includes draconian new measures including mandatory minimums of nine months for growing even one cannabis plant, had already been approved by the House of Commons. In the Senate, the bill met some opposition and minor amendments were made and passed. The bill was due for another House vote before it became Canadian law.

Though Bill C-15 is dead for now, it is expected that Conservatives will reintroduce a similar bill in the new year.

CBC News republished an email sent by the government to Conservative supporters claiming that the bill will be reintroduced soon, when the Conservatives will have more power in the Senate:

We will reintroduce in their original form the consumer safety law (Bill C-6) and the anti-drug-crime law (Bill C-15) that the Ignatieff Liberals gutted.

We will seek Opposition agreement to proceed expeditiously with other Government legislation — particularly laws urgently needed to fight crime — that the Ignatieff Liberals have blocked and obstructed.

The fight continues. Visit Cannabis Culture for more updates on Bill C-15 and its future incarnations. Register on to find out about the latest anti-drug-bill campaigns and repost those campaigns to forums and social networks. You can also contact your MP and tell them to vote on any future “tough-on-crime” bills from the Conservatives.

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  1. shaneno on

    you got my vote kill the mother fucker

  2. Anonymous on

    Why do you think one group of people should have the right to rule and control the rest of the people in a certain geographical area?
    Government is force. It’s incompatible with a free-society.

  3. freethepeople on

    they wouldn’t be able to make large amounts of money from smuggling them. they smuggled coak in the iran/contra affair in the 80’s and created the crack epidemic in south central and now they are doing the same in afghanistan except now its heroin. they also would lose a lot from not persecuting people. im 19 years old and grew up not knowing any of this shit, i had to find and research it myself. you fucking older generations need to stop turning round and taking it HARD in the ass. buncha pussies curressing the balls of the governemnt ever so slightly in your mouths.. dont you know sending your kids to public schools brainwashes them and we are eating foods with hardly any nutritional value? did you know we were put on this earth 250,000 years ago geneticly and eveolution does not occur in the human being? bill clinton, the president of much for a great amount of years i was in the minimum security prison i.e the school system, killed two children for seeing a cocaine drop, TRUE FUCKING STORY. you work fucking worthless talentless jobs for the little comforts we get and when young ones ask why you say , “its just the way it is”. fuck that and fuck you. if you accept how things are now you are a blowed up cock sucking peckerwood.

  4. Brad Deab on

    Steven Harper needs a bullet in his brain

  5. joe on

    I have always taken it as libertarians pot smokers like us are detested by the left and the right. To me it is proof that we libertarians are in our god given right as a human being to smoke pot. What we ingest into our own body is our choice. Because the left and the right who have power are authoritarian who wish to use the force of government to make society in their own images and to compel others to live in their approve way of life. We know that they truly hate us for the choices that we make by ingesting a plant that is a protein when eaten also is a medicine. They hate us so much They will even put us in jail break up family`s all in the name of law. And when the Supreme Court refuses to protect us from the left and the rights religious belief and laws that prove that when Governments appoint a judge that has their same views and beliefs is not a free Country but a dictator ship country just like Canada and the USA. And to say that Canadian soldiers are dying for freedom is an insult to all the solders and a disgrace to their families. The left and the right differences can never be overcome as long as they remain in power. The one thing that will open up people eyes will be a ballooning deficit in which the majority of tax payer will have to pick up the $$$ tab for their way of life because dictatorship will come at a cost. Because a Country cannot be free when ruled by religion dictatorship and under what religion are we being force to follow.

  6. Mexican God on

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  7. Mexican God on

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    Cannabis is a European/Asian plant. It did not originate in the Americas. The stuff in traditional “peace pipes” native Americans use is actually wild tobacco not cannabis, and this wild tobacco is so potent compared to tobacco you buy in cigarettes, that it’s hallucinogenic compared to cigarette tobacco.

    Anyhow, he can continue whining about white people for whatever purpose he does it, nobody cares.

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  8. JMF420 on

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  9. Anonymous on

    You have got a serious anger problem my friend!!! And if that if your opinion why are you on the Cannabis Culture website if your boycotting them? CC and Hightimes and 420 magazine and all the others have helped new growers very much. Yes you can get all the same info for free from the internet (for example from this site) but some people would like to have a tangible object to read, and collect, so we buy the magazine. If you think they have done nothing you need to take your head out of your ass, Marc has donated millions of dollars to help the cause, from funding political parties, to groups such as NORML and LEAP. If you were part of this community you would know there are very experienced growers here that are more than willing to help new growers out.

  10. Anonymous on

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  12. freethepeople on

    Its called following so called experts and leaders. we end up with this when people blindly follow the crazies just to insure a little comfort over a ton of truth, well ive had it. how is it the human race has let this go on for so long?

  13. Emma on

    this break(although not needed) is good because there is a way bigger chance of having c-15 shot down in the house by havin liberals,ndp and the bloc oppose the cons confidinte movement

  14. Anonymous on

    Yet another example of how dangerous the PM’s powers are. He can just shut down Parliament for a couple months just because he feels like it. Can’t average Canadians see how mentally imbalanced this man is? Just pulls that out of left field. Granted it delays C-15 but it’s even more inevitable after Harper stacks the Senate. Meanwhile, what else is being delayed? There was a sex offender bill too. Now maybe one more person will get sexually abused than would otherwise have happened if Harper actually did some work instead of goofing off for a couple months. Nice to be able to just issue yourself and all the rest of Parliament a two month paid vacation whenever you feel like it, huh?