Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: Legalizing Marijuana Would Create Problems

Image created by Professional Recreationalist.Image created by Professional Recreationalist.CANNABIS CULTURE – Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff made what may be his strongest and strangest anti-pot comments so far, saying “legalizing marijuana would create problems” with the United States and warning parents against smoking pot.

“If I had to tell you as a parent or as someone who has spent his whole life working with young people, the last darn thing I want you to be doing is smoking marijuana,” Ignatieff said at a town hall-style meeting on Monday, according to The Telegram. “I want you to be out there digging a well, digging a ditch, getting a job, raising a family … doing stuff, instead of parking your life on the end of a marijuana cigarette.”

I’m not really sure what he meant by that “digging a ditch” comment, but he continued: “Given the things we need to do together, that’s what I think.” and then said that legalizing pot would cause problems with the US because it would continue to remain illegal there.

The Telegram says the official opposition leader noted “he likes an occasional drink and having a good time” and “didn’t seem concerned if his anti-weed stance made him appear conservative.”

Ignatieff’s comments are no big surprise, as the Liberal leader and his party supported the governing Conservatives’ Bill C-15, which would give mandatory minimum prison terms to Canadians busted with even one pot plant.

He has made other semi-confusing comments about pot legalization before, once saying that “possession of small amounts of marijuana” shouldn’t be a criminal matter, and that “nobody should suffer consequences for personal recreational uses of marijuana,” but, according to the National Post, “that if someone was to ask him if he wanted to legalize it, he’d ‘say no.'”

Ignatieff comments come at a time when the marijuana issue is heating up in Canada. Marijuana questions dominated an online question/answer poll with Prime Minister Stephen Harper sponsored by YouTube, ranking #1, #2, #3, and #4.

On the same day Ignatieff made his comments, three MPs, including Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh, presented thousands of petitions in support of marijuana activist Marc Emery, who could be extradited to the United States to serve five years in prison for selling marijuana seeds on the Internet.

Some of Ignatieff’s fellow Liberal Party members might not agree with his comments, like star-candidate/snowboarding-pot-smoker Ross Rebagliati, who said “Prohibition didn’t work; this isn’t working”. But, sadly, according to the Globe & Mail “a code of silence” has been imposed “on Mr. Rebagliati by the federal Liberal Party” and he “will not bring up his pro-legalization stand”.



  1. bk on

    it doesn’t matter who you vote for. When we have a 2 party system with two out of touch old turds for leaders any vote is a wasted vote. I’d rather get high then expel any energy for either of these losers.

  2. Mogley on

    I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.

  3. NunyaBiz on

    Well dear ole dad used to tell me “Son there are two types of people in this world; those who dig ditches and those who own them.” So I can at least thank this douche-bag for reminding me of that quote… I wouldn’t mind digging a ditch for him though, figuratively, of course.

  4. Adrian on

    when will this stupidity end? canada is suposed to be pot friendly

  5. Anonymous on

    politicians are like that: make full of promises when its time to be elected but once elected hmmmmm! find all kind of reasons not to…take obama…cool guy hey imagine he inhaled…but that was the end of it.Bush but with a different color

  6. Anonymous on

    I would bet to say that if you would let those who wish to smoke to do so in peace, that those individuals would galdly dig ditches or what ever job needed to be done

  7. Anonymous on

    How is it that this passed the spamStopper but valid post don’t??? This has NOTHING to to with the topic,

  8. The Ballehoo on

    I thought Iggy was ok. I was wrong. Being a Liberal I would have thought Michael was more ”open-minded”! Ha hey!!!
    He is a condescending prick, out for himself, just like all the rest of these 2-faced, over-paid, over-fed, under-sexed morons.


  9. Daniel Johnson on

    A majority of Canadians want marijuana legalized. Democracy means majority rules. If both major parties are against democracy, and are colluding against the public by using the “package-deal” flaw in the party-based parliamentary system to lock out the public will on certain issues they should be charged with treason because it undermines our country’s democratic charactar. They did the same thing to force through free trade, which was so unpopular the conservatives were reduced to a couple seats and the Liberals, who campaigned almost entirely on opposition to free trade, changed their minds in unison once elected. Somehow, though this was a clear cut case of electoral fraud, they were allowed to get away with it because the legal system in Canada is controlled by people who are generally hostile to the public’s best interests.

  10. TAS on

    There are two right wing parties in Canada now. They are #1 the refrom conservatives and #2 the conservatives liberals. I will never understand how the liberal turned sooo CONSERVATIVE! I will never ever vote for this new conservative liberal party.It is time the weed smokers of Canada and i mean ALL weed smokers get off their butts and go vote for the NDP or the GREENS. There is no differance between the two right wing parties as mention above. Now if you support the rights of weed smokers and you dont vote, shame on you. So get out there and vote NDP or GREEN. Just do it!

  11. Daniel Johnson on

    This tells me two things:
    1.Both the Liberals and the Conservatives are in the pockets of criminal cartels.
    2.If either party wins a majority it should constitute evidence that the election is rigged.

  12. Anonymous on

    just lost my vote lol

  13. TAS on

    You got that right!

  14. TAS on

    It is very frustrating to spen 10 min. on a comment just to loose it to your SPAM MACHINE!!

  15. TAS on

    Your spam system SUCK!!!!!

  16. Anonymous on

    “…the last darn thing I want you to be doing is smoking marijuana”
    -Iggy, to Canadian parents.

    So in Iggy’s newly-landed Canadian viewpoint (let’s face it, he isn’t), he is here to treat adults like children. He’s the parent of the parent; mommy and daddy government.

  17. Anonymous on

    Well another liberal twat….

  18. Anonymous on

    stop opening DEA outlets in Canada would be a good starter. What do you think eh ?

  19. Anonymous on

    Legalizing Ignatieff would also create problems.
    Canadians vote NDP or green pastry.They are the most smokable forms of politics and good for your mind.

  20. Anonymous on

    iggy isn’t even worth a breath of air. when are they going to get rid of this lunatic? When is he going back to UK or USA?

  21. mikekinseattle on

    as if digging a ditch or getting a job and parking yourself on the couch and smoking a bowl are mutually exclusive. Confusing use and abuse again.

  22. ffww on

    I am glad this story got covered here. This is such an awesome area and website, shout box and all. Thanks!

  23. Anonymous on

    Ignatieff should be a Liberal instead of agreeing with Harper on anything. If the shoe was on the other foot and Iggy had minority hold, Harper would never agree with a leftist!

  24. Anonymous on

    I am from the USA and since when did our country run your country? I am tired of the excuses.

  25. Kevin on

    the red party and the blue party need to go away forever!!!!!!!!free thinking cannibis savy pepole of Canada when it comes time to vote let your voice be heard

  26. Brian Kerr on


  27. Anonymous on

    “The last darn thing I want you to be doing is making your own choices or enjoying yourself,” Ignatieff might as well have said, “I want you to work yourself to death.”

  28. Blair on

    Green party or NDP have my vote now! Jean Chrétien was the last liberal leader with some balls, Paul Martin and Michael Ignatieff are a disgrace!

  29. unhappy canadian on

    Exactly, young people don’t vote, we are the future, so vote!

  30. Uphappy Canadian on

    Igff doesn’t have the facts, many successful people use marijuana! I’m voting Independent!

  31. Anonymous on

    I can’t add comments, it gets blocked, and I don’t swear at all.

  32. Dove on

    The problem is that most of the people who vote are the type of people who don’t want pot legalized.

  33. Anonymous on

    I don’t think Iggy has to worry about getting elected to anything.

  34. BC_Budman on

    Maybe it’s the language you’re using?

    Iggy’s a coward … turf him and find someone else.

  35. Anonymous on

    Why is it that I am always blocked by your spam filter

  36. Anonymous on

    i’m sure every “problem” that legalization encounters can be financially supported by tax revenues it brings in. problem solved.

  37. jackaroo on

    I don’t “Park my life on the end of a marijuana cigarette”! I park part of my day on one, and I prefer that to alcohol. Please don’t dictate to me what my drug of choice should be! I prefer the safer one please!

  38. Anonymous on

    Marijuana is the last thing he wants people to smoking a cigarette or getting piss drunk is okay with Mr.Ignatieff, Fuck is their any good politicians out there? Canada is really goign to go downhill