Mandatory Minimum Bill C-15 to be Reintroduced as S-10

CANNABIS CULTURE – Bill C-15 is likely to be reintroduced this Thursday as Bill S-10. The Bill is reported to include the same 9 months for 1 plant provisions and the same 18 months for making hashish provisions, and is expected to cost billions of dollars.

CLICK HERE to sign up at WHYPROHIBITION.CA and fight Bill S-10 and mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana.

Rob Nicholson, the Justice Minsiter is set to spout all the same nonsense as last time, and we at along with our allies at CSSDPCannabis Culture, the Vancouver DispensaryToronto Hemp CompanyCALMBC Compassion Club SocietyVancouver Seed BankSkunk MagazineEndProhibitionBC Civil Liberties Association,John Howard SocietyUBC Urban Health Research Initiative and many more will be fighting this bill to make sure we defeat it!

We need your help to stop S-10 from becoming law and putting all our friends and neighbours in jail. Sign up to, send an email to your MP, attend a No on S-10 Protest, Phone JAM the Conservatives! Get Involved, get active and help defeat S-10!

Together, we beat C-26, together we beat C-15 and together we’ll beat S-10! Join today!

CLICK HERE to sign up at WHYPROHIBITION.CA and fight Bill S-10 and mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana.



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    I forgot that Canada is no longer a democracy. A vote of 7000 to 1 is meaningless to Harper and Nicholson. Only two votes count to them, their own. Still, after Emery has all those letters released to him for use at the lawsuit, it will look pretty bad for the Supreme Court to say that Canadians do not regard the US punishment as shocking to the conscience when 7000 people just told them it is.

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  3. Anonymous on

    Slightly off subject but since there are no Marc Emery extradition case blogs open right now I guess this is the next best place. I found this about a Canadian extradition case;

    “Finally, the Court considered section 7 of the Charter, which guarantees the right to life, liberty and security of the person, except when a deprivation of these rights is in accordance with fundamental justice. The Court noted that the executive government’s decisions to extradite, the extradition hearing and even the treaty could be subject to section 7. The extradition itself could violate section 7 by putting a person at risk of having his or her rights breached.

    The Court found that punishments in another country might be so excessive that the Canadian government should not put persons at risk by extraditing them there. For example, torture would be unacceptable, and to make this point the Court cited Altun v. Germany (1983), a case considered by the European Commission on Human Rights. In general, a potential punishment that “shocks the conscience” will violate fundamental justice in extradition cases.”

    So is life imprisonment (if Emery refuses to plead guilty) a punishment that “shocks the conscience” of Canadians when the punishment here, if charges were even laid (which they weren’t) would be a maximum of a month in prison and a $200 fine? I would have to say yes, and so would about 7000 other Canadians who wrote the Minister and said so. Is it only the Justice Minister’s conscience that need to be shocked? Well, that would take some doing because he’s a guy who doesn’t flinch at throwing grandma in prison for growing one plant in her apartment.

    There was only one letter advocating Marc’s extradition. That looks like 7000 to 1 to me that the US punishment shocks the conscience of every Canadian citizen who bothered to write the Minister about the case, except one weird nerdy guy, probably Harper himself under an assumed name. Democracy has been exercised. The overwhelming majority say that the extradition is illegal because of the shocking discrepancy in sentencing policy in the two countries.

    If extradited after the people of Canada have made their views known to the Minister, quite clearly, that the potential punishment is extremely shocking to the conscience, Emery’s Charter rights under section 7 will have been violated. A federal Minister of Justice flagrantly violating a Canadian citizens section 7 rights like that is a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Nicholson should also be personally sued for every cent he has. Why do Canadian citizens have to pay Emery his 5 million dollars when it was a person appointed by Harper and acting in direct contradiction to public opinion who violated Emery’s section 7 rights? Harper and Nicholson should have to pay out of their own pockets.

  4. persecutedinalberni on

    It was hitler who said himself that it is fortunate for the leaders that the masses do no think and so he set out to rule the world and that is what he did.

    Oh yes they got hitler but his way of life silently invaded america at the very same time hitler was gaining his power.

    Harper was put in power by all the american people that surely but slowly entered Canada and you can bet they were all instructed(they’d do it anyway) to vote for harper.

    If you look around you might find that there sure was alot of americans who have moved here in the last ten years(or at least since 911).

    This is why I beleive that americans should not be allowed to vote in this country for at least 10 to 15 years when they move here.

    There should be no dual voting,pick your country and that is the one you stay with as far as voting goes.

    Has anyone checked the number of americans who have moved to Canada better yet in port alberni ?

    I no longer vote in this country because they attack the people I choose to vote for plus they move all their scum sucking american filth here and they out vote the Canadians vote.

    Plus when the police and conservative government persecute you and do it in such a way that your loved ones think you are insane because you make accusations against the authorities “voting” is nothing but a joke.

    I swear they are bringing this up just to piss me off lol they know once my blog is back online It’s gonna do major damage to the conservative government.

    I tried to finish writing it for the world but they were following and watching me and so they sent cops to harass me and the people in my life twice for all the things(accusations) I was saying at my blog.

    It is allmost done then I will film myself as I explain my story and post it on youtube aswell, my blog is [email protected]

    I will post the date and time I place it back online and you can watch what they will do to me for telling you what dirty rotten things they did to me.

    Like I keep saying folks beleive in me and what I say and most of all when my family comes to their sences and beleive in me I will get rid of the conservatives for you.

    NO MAN SHOULD EVER GO TO JAIL FOR GROWING A PLANT, EVER and any counrty that does not rise up against this then it trully does deserve to be enslaved and micro chipped.

    I AM A FREE MAN and deserve the right to grow the plant that our creator/earth gave us and no tyrant should have the right to stop me.