STOP Bill C-15!: Conservative Political Office Phone JAM!

Because of the Christmas Break, there is not much point in lobbying empty offices in the House of Commons, so instead, we are going to send a Christmas present to the Conservative Party Political Office.

Phone JAM the Conservatives Political Office toll-free 1-866-808-8407 or Local: 1-613-755-2000

Or consider faxing your thoughts to: 1-613-755-2001

Click here for more info about Bill C-15.

We all know the Conservative party is run from a political back room, so let’s Phone JAM that back-room and tell them what we think.

The office is open from 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Pick a time and call every day until New Years!

Call 10 times a day if you can!

Call from Pay phones for anonymity!

If the line is busy, keep dialing!

Stay tuned, because in the New Year, we have to work harder than we ever had before.

– Go to for more information on Bill C-15.



  1. Anonymous on

    the last I heard they stopped working on C-15 what is the latest? C-15 is just a direct attack on innocent non-violent gardeners, who have hurt nobody, the revenue from cannabis sales should be taxed and regulated, to help your local economy, not putting your taxpayers in prison should make sense, Happy New Year 2010

  2. Anonymous on

    fuck you and your phonecalls just leave or die, europeans save the world!! cage a european today before IT hurts someone!! as they ALWAYS DO?? If your black, or brown or red, or yellow, and your here you just gave up your way of life!! Death to europe forever!!

  3. Anonymous on

    Notice; When marc comes into federal hands, Red power is taken him out.You are nonthing but slaves,you will be our slaves, till then fuck you canada!

  4. Dave on

    Kinda of agree with you so I sent off a handwritten, registered letter to Ignatieff and was going to send one to Justin Trudeau. In the meantime, I stumble upon CPAC interviewing him.

    This inexperienced young man was raised by the RCMP; he gets a warm-safe-fuzzy-feeling when he thinks of Canada becoming a police state!

    He sounded more like a Harperite than a progressive thinker! Watch this, before his career is concluded, he’ll probably jump ship to the right. This young man is hurting and he is looking to reciprocate.

    After watching the interview, I’d say he’s more like his mom than his dad!

  5. Anonymous on

    you make sense my freind, maybe we should rethink this.
    The liberals have a greater reason to ass kiss us at this time.
    I like layman terms. lol

  6. fatigues on

    With the greatest of respect, I think this “Phone-Jam” of the Tories is poorly thought out Jacob.

    The Tories are not going to back down because of these calls. The shots are called at the PMOs office – and he doesn’t care about us. Harper doesn’t think we are going to ever vote for Tories anyways.

    And Harper would be right to think that way, too.

    The “phone jam” and e-mail tirade that needs to be done here is on the party that MIGHT choose not to support the Bill in the house by reason of such tactics.

    Jacob, you’re targeting the wrong party with this plan. This needs to be directed at the Liberal Party of Canada, not the Conservative Party of Canada. You need to put calls in to Ignatieff’f office – not Harper’s.

    If the Liberals back away on C-15 – the Bill dies. And unlike the Tories? The Liberals might actually respond to our calls by altering their stance. Because yes – a lot of people who come here are the kind of people who vote Liberal.

    Moreover, it is very hard to co-ordinate something like this when the person reading it knows in their heart it will do no good to call and bitch at the Tories. They are social conservatives, their minds are made up — and we are The Enemy.

    But… the Liberals? No – we aren’t their Enemy; we are their base. We are the ones who can reward them with votes if they alter course. Unlike the CPC, they aren’t social conservatives. The Liberal Party of Canada adopted legalization and regulation of MJ at their last national convention. Iggy might have spent too much time in the USA – but the rest of his party has not.

    Rethink this tactic please. Steer a course away from the politics of protest – and towards the politics of persuasion. This is a fight that can be won — if we are smart about it.

  7. Anonymous on

    Direct Democracy dammit! Then from there I saw we abolish the f’n State and move towards a truly free society.

  8. Anonymous on

    Conservatives Do not control anything right now its liberal progressive democrats that run the house senate and presidential office so bug them.Tell them they are the ones with control like

  9. Anonymous on

    I’m on my way for a roll of quarters and a coffee shop pay phone with a chair.


    DIRECT DEMOCRACY so we can vote for our own laws.

    DAMN IT!!!