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CANNABIS CULTURE - Forgive the racially offensive headline, as it should inflame and anger the reader and cause an outcry for the crucifixion of the reporter, but the fury should instead be directed at two other parties: a West Texas juror who uttered this phrase and the US federal court who sentenced a Jamaican National musician to 30 years in prison for possessing marijuana seeds. For sixteen years, his story has gone unreported.

CANNABIS CULTURE - K-9s cannot smell through material. Odors permeate out and create a scent cone that the dog detects. Almost everything has pores for odors to permeate. Even plastic baggies have tiny, microscopic pores.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Unfortunately, the United States is not a free country, and citizens are often forced to give urine or hair samples to their bosses as part of employment agreements or to police during the enforcement of draconian laws. Thankfully, it is very easy to pass these tests.

CANNABIS CULTURE - If the police had a right to be in your house, they would be kicking, not knocking. Just as you can screen who comes in and out of your house, the same goes for police officers. Citizens are under no obligation to allow police entry into their homes.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Do you remember several months ago when I asked you to call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office on my behalf? They were drilled with thousands of phone calls that eventually led to my release and our family getting our handicapped son, Zack, returned to us. We have been enjoying the reunion with Zack and I feel like our family is whole again. Candi and I cannot thank you enough for getting involved and helping us. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

My misdemeanor trial by jury is fast approaching and will be held at the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown, Texas on August 8, 9 and 10th. The crime I am charged with is False Report or Alarm and if convicted I can be sentenced to one year in a jail and a $4000 fine.
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