Short Clips from NeverGetBusted Live! Now on YouTube

You can now view short clips from the latest “NeverGetBusted Live! with Barry & Candi” on YouTube.

Pot In Shoe
Caller asks whether to keep pot hidden in their shoe during an arrest

Barry & Candi discus their motivations for selling the NeverGetBusted products

Kops Confiscating Cash
Barry & Candi discuss Kops confiscating cash during raids & traffic stops

Kop Rant
Barry “rants” about Kop corruption

Keeping Cash in a Vehicle
Barry & Candi discuss the best way to keep cash in your vehicle

Highway Robbery
Barry & Candi discuss how corrupt Kops are stealing citizen’s cash during traffic stops




  1. Anonymous on

    You two give em hell!

    Barry, I absolutely love what you do for the people. Your out their fightin’ the system and offering great advise. I just stumbled across the clip with the ex dea agent cynthia whatever: pathetic! Whole thing comes across as a racket.

    All the best –