KopBusters Accepts Surprise Plea Offer

Barry (my Dad) is ill and wants me to give you the news about his trial.

We announced “ready for trial” and the prosecutor offered a surprise plea bargain that Dad couldn’t refuse. Dad believes the plea was offered for two reasons: the government’s case was weak and because of all of your phone calls to the Williamson County prosecutor.

Thank you so much for calling and helping my father.

He plead guilty to False Alarm or Report and avoided two costly and lengthy trials (each trial would have cost 10k or more). As part of the plea agreement, Dad paid a $200 fine…NO JAIL AND NO PROBATION. The other police-retaliation charge, Operating Without A Private Investigators License, was dropped as part of the plea and Dad gets all his valuable tapes that were seized during the misdemeanor raid on our home. A lot of the tapes contain unseen footage of the Odessa, Yolanda Madden sting.

Some are reporting my dad must spend 4 days in jail as part of the plea.

It’s technically correct to say he was sentenced to 4 days in jail but since he served 2 days upon his arrest and Williamson County gives double-time, Dad received a “Time-Served” sentence.

If Dad had been found guilty, he could have been sentenced to one year in jail. My father is guilty of planting a bag to test an officer’s integrity but he is not guilty of False Alarm or Report. He plead guilty for obvious reasons and Williamson County offered such a good deal for obvious reasons.

Dad, Mom, my family and I want to thank you for all your support. This past year has been the worst year of our lives (one raid, Dad arrested 3 times, Mom arrested twice and my brother taken from us) but we made it through as a family. We are much stronger, closer and smarter because of it.

I’m glad my Dad is free.

We must now get my little brother back. The courts begin reviewing our appeal August 30. It’s the appeal we filed to get my brother, Zack, back.

I’m certain Mom and Dad will reach out to you soon to possibly make phone calls to the appeals court for us. It really helps.

One Love,




  1. Anonymous on

    Barry I keeping seeing you refer to the “fact” that you used to be a narcotics agent. Well sir, you were not an undercover narcotics agent. I am but you are not. You sir, we’re an undercover criminal who managed to gain employment with a police department. I would never do anything to put my brothers in harms way like you have done.

  2. NeverGetbusted on


    My lawyers and I were very tempted to not take the deal and fight but after deeply considering how satisfying it would be for Americans treated bad by law enforcement and myself, we chose the plea instead and I’m positive we made the right decisions.

    You are correct….I was “kissed” in this situation and am thankful I was “kissed.” I’m feel sorry for you and millions of others who do not have the resources I had and were treated with a “punch” instead of a “kiss.” Even though I lost a year and a half of my life and my son, I know it could have been worse.

    My plans? My plans are to get my son back and then take a short recess to prepare for the upcoming movie about my life. This movie is going to help activism in a big way.



  3. Jerry From Texas on

    Texas had no case on you Barry. They didn’t want to give you press coverage so they wanted to make a closet deal. What Chumps! I’m so glad you can move on and I hope you get your son back. I want to thak you for the work you do To show that cops set people up in Texas.
    When I was 17 I drove a new 1969 Camero that was a common blue color. One sunday I was out tooling around Ft. Worth with a friend, going from one flee market to another,going through a “BAD” part of town when no less than 8 cop cars surounded my car as I pulled off from a light. I had 1 joint in my shirt pocket (ready to be eatten if need be)unfortunetly I had zero time the way I was surounded.My car looked just like a big dealers car that they were looking for in the area. I was questioned like a big time dealer until they figured out they had a young student. To make the stop look justified they said I peeled off from the light. No truth to that. The two of us spent the night in jail. My friend got off but I had to go see the DA the next morning.
    When I got to see the assst. DA my dad was with me.We saw a man in his late 70’s. This happened right before Nixion screwed things up. A lot of people thought pot would be legal.The asst.DA cussed me out for not waiting for legalization and after a slap on the wrist they let me go with no record. He told my dad that pot was safer than drinking. After that day my dad saw nothing wrong with my smoking.

  4. Dirty Harry on

    What ever the illness, sending positive healing vibes your way and will also say a prayer for him.

  5. Bud Grinder on

    Smart to take the deal, Barry, though fighting and beating them in court would have been so much more satisfying. Compared to the treatment some other people, like myself, have received at the hands of the courts, you were kissed.

    What to you plan to do next on your path to personal redemption?

  6. nopusher on

    Really. So insane this stuff, bless!