To all my supporters, I need a favor from you

My misdemeanor trial by jury is fast approaching and will be held at the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown, Texas on August 8, 9 and 10th. The crime I am charged with is False Report or Alarm and if convicted I can be sentenced to one year in a jail and a $4000 fine.

Eighteen months ago and five days after releasing one of my KopBuster stings on YouTube, I was arrested for False Report or Alarm during a raid on my home. The police I busted obtained an illegal search warrant and at gunpoint, seized all my KopBuster films, computers and cameras. The media reported extensively on the event calling the raid “retaliation by law enforcement.

Here is a link to Judge Napolitano on FOX news commenting about the raid.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s department claims they are holding my tapes as evidence although over 30 of the tapes have nothing to do with the KopBuster sting in Williamson County. These tapes contain footage proving other police corruption along with critical footage needed to produce a documentary about the KopBusters sting in Odessa, Texas, which resulted in the release of Yolanda Madden, a mother who was in federal prison on bogus drug charges.

The Texas Rangers arrested Candi, Tammy (a KopBuster detective) and myself for similar charges (False Report) stemming from the Odessa KopBuster sting. The Odessa prosecutor has since dropped these charges because our actions did not match the crime…just like the Williamson County charges.

I am being wrongfully prosecuted for my journalism and a notorious civil rights law firm agrees with me. The methods I use to sting kops are no different than MSNBC’s, Predator Stings. Both traps are investigative journalism and the First Amendment protects our right to freedom of the press.

Before I performed any KopBuster stings, I checked with my staff of lawyers who advised I was doing nothing illegal. I have a strong legal background and I also knew I was doing nothing wrong, immoral or illegal by testing the kops when I placed a bag containing a GPS device (for tracking the bag), simulated crack pipe (in Texas, it’s not drug paraphernalia until crack is actually smoked through it), a fake drug ledger and $45 dollars in marked bills to see if the officer would steal the money or turn the found property in to the evidence room.

The first kop we tested was Captain Nassour who works for Liberty Hill Police Department in Williamson, County, Texas. I filmed Captain Nassour stealing the $45 and throwing the bag in the dumpster and later confronted his chief. I was raided five days after releasing the video on Youtube. Here it is:

The third test, Officer Jackal from a totally different jurisdiction, examined the bag and properly checked all the found property into the evidence room.

The second test is the one I was raided for, arrested and placed in solitary confinement for two days. During this test, around midnight, I placed the loaded bag between a desolate road and a school. A call was made to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number reporting a suspicious bag at the school. My crew hid nearby and waited with cameras.

When the police arrived at the late night deserted scene, they walked around the bag several times talking on their cell phones. The police then shot the bag with a beanbag gun to determine if it was a bomb! I couldn’t believe this reaction since I, as an ex police officer, never treated a suspicious bag as a bomb and the kop I tested in Liberty Hill didn’t treat the same bag as a bomb, he simply took the money and threw the bag in the dumpster.

If you are a legal eagle, read the statute I was charged with and then read my comments afterwards:
This is the crime they charged me with:

42.06. FALSE ALARM OR REPORT. (a) A person commits an offense if he knowingly initiates, communicates or circulates a report of a present, past, or future bombing, fire, offense, or other emergency that he knows is false or baseless and that would ordinarily:

(1) cause action by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies; (2) place a person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; or (3) prevent or interrupt the occupation of a building, room, place of assembly, place to which the public has access, or aircraft, automobile, or other mode of conveyance. (b An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor

According to this law, I would have had to “communicate a report of a present, past or future BOMBING, FIRE, OFFENSE OR OTHER EMERGENCY.” Reporting a suspicious bag is not a report of a bombing, a fire, an offense or an emergency…it’s simply reporting a suspicious bag. The call was placed to a non-emergency number and the police did not respond with emergency lights or high speeds. They totally over reacted by shooting the bag.

Kevin Striker, the lawyer assigned to prosecute me, has recently been calling all of my family, friends, ex-co-workers and enemies to prepare for the punishment phase of my trial. Although we are confident the jury will find me “not guilty,” Kevin is preparing to punish me harshly if I lose.

Since Kevin wants to hear from those around me, I’m asking all of my supporters to call him and leave a message of disapproval for prosecuting me. Tell him I don’t deserve to be punished for exposing korrupt kops. If I have helped you in any way, let him know it. If I have taught you anything about freedom, let him know it. If you support KopBusters and think it should be legal for journalist to test the police, call Kevin and tell him.

My lawyer said it’s legal for me to give Kevin Striker’s phone number because he is a public official and the phone number rings a public line. Just make sure one person doesn’t leave multiple messages because it could be seen as phone harassment.

The phone number to call is 713 857 3492. Use your freedom of speech and help us by calling the number. Email [email protected] when you are finished and let me know what you said.


Thanks so much for calling the prosecutor for me. Many supporters are complaining that Kevin Stryker’s number does not have a voice mail set up to take messages.

Please re-call using the County Attorney’s number 512 554 5678

Supporters are ringing their phones like crazy explaining I shouldn’t be prosecuted for busting kops. Please keep the phone calls coming in.



  1. Prufrock123 on

    Hello Bud Grinder,

    I wanted to correct you a bit. I am sorry for suffering 10 years in prison, but wishing ill against someone who is fighting for you doesn’t help your position or anything else. The police, however misguided, are still humans. It means they make mistakes and it means they deserve second chances.

    Tell me, what good does “paying for your crimes” do? What does that even mean? He’s fighting prohibition. If law enforcement sees this kind of attitude they first of all have no incentive to change, and second of all are vindicated in their war. Apparently they are winning if we are willing to turn on each other.

    I don’t know if you’re Christian, but in the story of Saul converting on the road to Damascus, the other apostles were at first hesitant to trust him. However, once they found out he was legit, they dropped all animosity towards him and embraced him. And this Saul dude used to fuckin’ KILL them. And you know what happened? The cause of Christianity had a lot of good come from it.

    So, I’m not belittling your experience with law enforcement or the injustice you suffered. I have also suffered at the hands of law enforcement unfairly. Many of us have.

    Barry deserves a second chance and he deserves our support. Because ultimately, our battle is not against cops at all. It is against injustice. And when that injustice is recognized and corrected, as in the case of Barry, we should rejoice.

    I’m not upset with you, so forgive me if my tone is off. I just want us to practice more unity. It’s the ONLY way we’re getting through this. So in conclusion:

    Bud Grinder, I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced. You have my complete sympathy and support. Please vent your frustrations as you need to. Let’s try to do it constructively, but I understand these issues are really intense.

    Barry, you also have my sympathy man. I’m sorry for what your experiencing in helping correct this problem. If your past helps you to fight this injustice better than rock on.

    To everyone else. Let’s stick together. We’re family. Hell, if the head of the DEA suddenly came out in support of legalization, I don’t think we should punish him either. Creating more injustice doesn’t fix injustice.

    Love all.

  2. Bud Grinder on

    Barry, I understand your contrition. If I were you I would be contrite, too. But, as I wrote previously, it still does not negate the harm you’ve inflicted for the same cause as all the other mindless thugs who are still out there doing it.

    I may be a bit over-sensitive to the issue on account of I’ve been there, done that myself, on the other side. I am personally the victim of similar zealosness to eradicate the evil weed here in Canada. All told, I’ve lost about ten years of my life to the ignorant, mercenary, vicious thugs of the police and prison gulg who, since 1967, have beaten, humiliated, degraded and abused me in other ways for heinous so-called crimes of marijuana and hashish. I’ve never been convicted of, charged with, or to the best of my knowledge, even suspected of anything other than a cannabis offense. Yet ten years of my life have been stolen from me and the entire course of my life has been changed for the worse by “good guys” just like yourself.

    If you would really love to redeem yoursef you should not cringe from putting yourself on the line and protesting, resisting, defying and obstucting the evil butt-lickers who are serving and protecting their corrupt political masters every day and every way that you can.

    Put yourself on the line and in harm’s way, like I did. Do something constuctive, not just destructive.

    If you don’t go to jail on this one, back off from taking them on one-at-a-time and find a way to direct your efforts towrds bringing down the whole apparatus of oppression.

  3. NeverGetBusted on

    Bud Grinder,

    I agree. I harmed lots of families as a narcotics officer and I’m sorry for that. As far as I know, there aren’t any persons still in jail because of my law enforcement work 15 years ago.

    I also believe in Karma. In the last year, we have been raided, jailed 3 times and had our son taken away. These are the same things I use to do as a narcotics officer…I live with it every day and am very sorry.

    I’m different now. People can change. People do change.



  4. Bud Grinder on

    What have you been smoking? The government of the USA doesn’t give shit about international law. That’s why the US military is embroiled in a number of armed conflicts on the other side of the world. That’s why Guantanamo exists.

  5. Anonymous on

    (copied from a friend who once told this to me): “you know article 9 section 5 of the international cvenant on civil and political rights, which canada is a signatory of grants me the right to an ENFORCEABLE right to compensation for any arbitrary detention”. (I believe it also applies to the United States, meaning that an “Above-Federal” level law is protecting you)
    This “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” can be found on the United Nations website.

  6. owen goossen on

    yeah – i kinda agree here –
    i just think you are being a dick – looking for trouble..

    come on babe – isn’t there enough police brutality and corruption that you can just “report” on that – instead of being a dick wad …

    … that is just how i see it …
    go cry in your bong water …
    … and i don’t like reporters anyway …

    want a good story – contact me – you will wish you didn’t .. don’t do it man

    cc- commander

  7. Bud Grinder on

    Hey, Barry, how’s it feel to be on the other side of the street and get the kind of treatment you used to take money in exchange for dishing out yourself?

    Just ’cause you saw the light, it doesn’t negate the harm you inflicted on other people while you were one of their gunslingers. There’s probably STILL innocent victims of your own thuggery laguishing uselessly in jail.

    You get a little, but not very much sympathy from me.