Hackers Unearth FBI Report on ‘KopBusters’ Filmmaker Barry Cooper

Computer hackers with the group ‘Lulz Security” have unearthed a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) intelligence assessment of Barry Cooper, the former Texas narcotics officer who turned against the drug war and began setting up hidden camera stunts looking to catch corrupt police in the act.

The document, composed in Feb. 2009 by the FBI field office in El Paso, Texas, came just one month before officers in Williamson County, Texas staged a SWAT raid on his home over a Class B misdemeanor, filed after a series of stunts seeking to catch police stealing money from official evidence.

The FBI’s “Situational Intelligence Report” on Cooper is marked “unclassified,” and recipients were specifically instructed to take “precautions” to prevent it from falling into the media’s hands. It came to light after hackers stole a trove of documents from police in Arizona and published them online in an operation they called “Chinga La Migra” (or “Fuck the Border Patrol”).

Read the full FBI assessment (PDF)

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