Never Open The Door For The Police

CANNABIS CULTURE – If the police had a right to be in your house, they would be kicking, not knocking. Just as you can screen who comes in and out of your house, the same goes for police officers. Citizens are under no obligation to allow police entry into their homes.

Receiving an anonymous tip or hearing a rumor about you is not enough evidence for police to obtain a search warrant for you house. Instead of taking the time to do a real investigation to determine if the rumor is fact or fiction, the police will perform a “Knock and Talk”, also known as a “Tap and Rap”, on your front door. Their intention is to trick you into opening the door so they can claim an odor of marijuana is coming from inside your house. Police will even lie and say they smell marijuana when they don’t. After detecting the supposed odor, the kops now have probable cause to enter your home and detain you while they get a search warrant.

To stop this madness of violating your 4th Amendment Right which protects you from an unreasonable search and detainment, simply refuse to open the door. Be prepared for the police to threaten you will all manner of retaliation including returning with a search warrant. If they could leave and return with a warrant, they would have arrived with the search warrant and kicked your door instead of knocking at your door. If the police do leave to obtain a search warrant, you will have plenty of time to rid your dwelling of and contraband before they return.

Watch me in this 18-second video and learn how to handle the police when they come knocking.

Other popular and well meaning lawyers and activists teach to open your door and step outside and immediately shut the door behind you when meeting the police on the porch. This method DOES NOT WORK for reasons discussed above. I have been retained by dozen of clients who used this faulty method and are now in a big jam because they opened the door.

Remember this: If you don’t open the door, their aint shit they can do!


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