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CANNABIS CULTURE - The Kush Cup marijuana strain-judging competition and weekend weed party hit Vancouver this weekend and left a trail of red-eyed, incoherent and slobbering stoners in its wake.

CANNABIS CULTURE - The Kush Cup is one part marijuana strain-judging competition, one part old-school hip-hop show, one part movie premiere, and one part boat cruise – which equals one busy, bud-filled weekend in Vancouver!

CANNABIS CULTURE - We smoked bags and bags of fine marijuana strains at the first-annual Kush Cup in Vancouver last weekend. Some of Canada's finest growers competed for the custom glass award cups designed by Redbeard; CC has the winners and full strain lists!

CANNABIS CULTURE - The Kush Cup was three days of marijuana strain testing, live music, and much more. CC's cameras flashed through the thick clouds of cannabis smoke to capture the following photo galleries.