Vancouver Marijuana Pizza-Maker Wants to Bring His Double Baked Pies to Toronto

Mark Klokeid has heard the jokes about his pizzeria and politely acknowledges the humour in them

There’s the one about how he’s joint owner of what’s billed as Canada’s first pizzeria with marijuana as one of its ingredients.

Joint owner. Get it?

Or how the pizzas are double baked.

Now that he’s planning to expand to Toronto over the next few months, Klokeid is starting to hear crack cocaine jokes, in reference to Mayor Rob Ford’s drug problems.

Klokeid suffers through a re-telling of some of the quips with good humour, and then talks of how he’s providing a needed medical service to people with legal prescriptions.

“We have federal patients here in Canada like myself,” he said. “Where are we supposed to medicate?”

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