Burnaby Man and Mom Face Drug Charges After Vancouver ‘Medical Cannabis’ Store Raid

A Vancouver-area man who describes himself online as a “legal marijuana owner” is facing drug charges along with his mother stemming from a police raid on what the pair called a “medical cannabis” dispensary.

Vancouver police raided the iMedikate store on Renfrew Street in February after receiving complaints from neighbours about drug activity.

“We received numerous complaints about the sale of drugs and the fact that it existed close to a school,” said VPD spokesman Const. Lindsey Houghton.

In what may be the first case in B.C., Crown laid drug charges and issued B.C.-wide warrants for Linda Marlene Klokeid, 51, of Maple Ridge, and Mark Thomas Klokeid, 30, of Burnaby.

Linda Klokeid is charged with three counts of trafficking in a controlled substance. Both are charged with one count each of possession for the purposes of trafficking.

Mark Klokeid’s assistant who answered his phone said he was out of town. Klokeid didn’t return a request for comment.

– Read the entire article at The Province.



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  2. Anonymous on

    It is used to treat a huge number of medical conditions. That is why.
    it is illegal because people like you respond well to propaganda as you find things hard to imagine yet easy to hate.

  3. Mae Moon on

    Marijuana is marijuana? It’s illegal?

    Perhaps for some people,
    but I am federally aproved to
    Possess “dried marihuana”
    For medical purposes.

    Let me tell you, the weed that
    You can purchase from health
    Canada, sucks. It also takes a
    Long time to get to me.

    The menu at health Canada offers only
    “weed” no strain options, nothing
    Specific to help with my problems.

    If people weren’t brave enough to open
    Dispensaries, people like me would suffer
    The medication health Canada produces is
    Just aweful!!!

    Thanks to all the dispensary owners/employees
    That do what they do, for me and communities that
    They help.

    – Mae

  4. Anonymous on

    You are an idiot. Cannabis has more healing effects than most prescribed drugs. You have been brainwashed by big business corporations.

  5. gutrod on

    Rider: open your eyes & see the light. Demand & supply dictates. M.J. has proven medicinal uses. Just look at it’s history of over a 1000 years. People get pain relief & cancer patients are able to eat. Marijuana use is very safe compared to the other poisons our government makes legally available to us. eg. Oxycontin, perc’s, synthetic morphine, alcohol. All far more addictive & dangerous.

  6. DrDank on

    Epicness from Anonymous!

  7. Bud Green on

    Not for long, bucko – It’s all been decided except for the paperwork. Besides, the name of this product is not “marijuana” (or “marihuana” as it was called up until the 1970’s)it is HEMP! Speak ENGLISH! We are an English speaking nation! Or just call it “pot” – easier to pronounce and spell.

  8. Anonymous on

    “fuck why do ppl have to be so inconsiderate of peoples well beigns”
    because they are evil

  9. Anonymous on

    because they are evil

  10. Anonymous on

    Or it could be that Canadians are Mendacious. It could be that the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is an unlawful statute that intrudes on British Columbia’s Sovereignty. It could be that drugs are nothing like aerospace, which was the beginning of federal encroachment on provincial regulation, through the purported “general” power to legislate for peace, order and good government.

    It could be that British Columbia is under Military Occupation by Canadian Nationals and Immigrants approved not by British Columbia but by Immigration Canada.

    It could be that our food-security, our education system, our courts, our British Columbian way of life itself, is under attack from all sides by people who hate British Columbian culture.

    Or maybe it’s true what they say on Canadian Television: marihuana is illegal. Gosh, what would we do without Canadian Television and Media to do our thinking for us?

  11. gimpy on

    So tell me Rider, why exactly are you on this site then? To simply disgust yourself or to broaden your tunnel vision?

  12. Anonymous on

    Some people have a goal to help sick people.

  13. Anonymous on

    fuck why do ppl have to be so inconsiderate of peoples well beigns

  14. Rider on

    I can’t imagine why anyone would open one of these dispensaries. There is no such thing as medical marijuana – marijuana is marijuana regardless of what you use it for and it’s still illegal.