Kush Cup Blazes Through Vancouver This Weekend

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Kush Cup is one part marijuana strain-judging competition, one part old-school hip-hop show, one part movie premiere, and one part boat cruise – which equals one busy, bud-filled weekend in Vancouver!

The 3rd-annual Kush Cup strain judging competition will feature an as-of-yet unknown number of marijuana selections – at least 13 according to organizer Mark TheWeedGuy Klokeid – and various extracts.

These fine flavours will be sampled and evaluated by participants holding a $250 Judges Pass.

Live performances include musical acts like rap legends Naughty By Nature (now known as Naughty Nation), City Real, Vladimir Yatsina, Among the Betrayed and more.

Tickets are available for just the Naughty show – which starts at 8PM on Friday, August 22 at the Harbour Event Center – for $20.

As part of this years Kush Cup, Canadian filmmakers Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith (also known as The Trailer Park Boys) will premiere their new movie SwearNet at a private screening on Monday, August 25 at 7PM.

The Kush Cup wouldn’t be complete without its famous Boat Cruise through the Vancouver harbour, where judges can sample their strains with fellow smokers on the high seas.

The Cup will also feature a party at the Chapel Arts Centre – and judges will be given a gift bag including over $200 worth of pot-related goodies. Oh yes, we will be high.

If you can’t make it to Vancouver this weekend for the Kush Cup, watch the event LIVE on Pot TV.

Get tickets for the Kush Cup online at Kush.ca.

Watch VIDEOS of The Kush Cup: