Ed Rosenthal


Probably everybody who is reading this blog has seen the Kony 2012 video that went viral, amassing 28 million hits in its first day. When we say "viral", we think of something spreading instantaneously over a wide swath of demographics.

President Eisenhower warned of the perniciousness of the “military-industrial complex” in 1961. Since that time the U.S. has become steadily more belligerent. There hasn’t been a day our lives that the U.S. hasn’t been engaged in active military action.

Do you resent the calories involved in using edibles? Solve the problem by making your own marijuana caps.

I took a few hours from my extremely busy schedule of getting high, playing racquetball, and putting the final touches on a few new books Marijuana Pest & Disease Control and Medical Marijuana 101 (pre-order both now!) the other day to watch the bizarre shit show that was the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN. Oh sweet Jesus.

It’s obvious that Obama hates his job and wants to get his ass handed to him by Mitt Romney in 2012. Only a politician who wanted to lose his next election would shoot himself in the foot as many times as he has.

Recently I discovered this video footage that I feel obligated to share with my fellow citizens.
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