A New ‘NewsHour’

I heard the news recently, oh boy. It seems Chevron is trying to repair its holes and has decided to plug the leak of $2 million a year streaming into The PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Frankly, I don’t understand why they did it. Lehrer has been pretty kind to them, as kind as can be considering their human rights record in central America, their manipulation of the California government to avoid taxes, and their relationships in their home city of Richmond, CA… etc. etc. etc.


The NewsHour is a for-profit company subcontracted to PBS, so it has a good understanding of the problems that Chevron faces. At first I thought Jim Lehrer should deliver the following report: “We have stopped getting our annual subsidy of $2 million from the Chevron Corporation so now we will be able to report their international abuses more objectively.” That won’t happen. It is more likely that he is now looking to Exxon-Mobil, Shell or BP– all of which could use some good PR.

Then it came to me, this is the perfect opening for the national medical marijuana industry. For only $2 million a year we could buy Jim Lehrer’s favor. Ok… make that $2 million a year plus party favors. He will finally understand how important medical marijuana is and start reporting on it. If only half the dispensaries agreed to participate, we would have over a thousand sponsors. Here is how it works: $2 million dollars a year is approx $40,000 a week. Divided by 1000 dispensaries, that comes to $400 a week or about 1-2 ounces based on quality. It is a small price to pay to get such incredible publicity.


Good evening I’m Jim Lehrer. In the news today, yet another new bomb attack in Miscellaneoustan, then we go to Idaho for an American profile: Johnny Northstred a man who recites his poetry exclusively to bears. But first, the California crackdown on the medical marijuana industry: is it political or a police boondoggle? All that ahead on the NewsHour. Our program tonight is brought to you buy Ford Motor Company, Johnson’s Wax and the American Medical Cannabis Association.”

What a dream, but it can come true! Can you imagine Obama listening to this broadcast and hearing that pitch night after night?

I know that this blog is read by a lot of sick people who use cannabis medicinally. Just print this blog and bring it to your nearest dispensary and kindly suggest to them that they get in touch with me so that we can start the ad purchase soon.



  1. Tokin Terry on

    You are a week late on everything.
    This is why the cops can catch you with a bag of Dorittos and a flashlight.

    g to bed

  2. Anonymous on

    I thought we told you to go away and that we didn’t like you.

  3. Tokin' Terry on

    they want hard dedicated working people who can get along with others:
    Not a whiny paranoid stoner who can’t do anything except
    fire up a bong and breathe in time to music.

  4. Tokin' Terry on

    the one week has passed,_ let’s look in on the flame war result.

    Doom daddy Dave has utterly failed to make good on a single one of his threats to crack my IP and wreck havoc on my internet connection. Nothing happened just as I thought. All his tough talk about his secret technical powers to find people he has a grudge against turned out to be just more stoner babble without merit. As O sort of guessed.

    My point was rendered in solid gold, that being, most stoners are undependable bullshitters who haven’t got a fucking clue about legalizing pot.. and are just sitting around like wet crackers for the Conservatives to enact legislation upon that will send the commercial growers to jail like tuna into nets and then pressure packed into cans.

    Its the Daves in this world that brought it on and who won’t do anything at all about it. The organized few are about to triumph over the many randoms and that will be it. That’s democracy, that’s the game being played
    Marc’s in prison and he is soon going to have a lot of company. You can explain it to him yourselves why you did nothing for years except get stoned and hiss like turtles.

    Wake up Dave
    they are actually coming for you this time

  5. gstlab3 on

    yup., These haters sure do suck ass.,

    You know it and I know it.

    The division of the people is the cruelest method of the communist take over.

    Infighting and hate.,prejudice and fear combined with uncertainty are all being used to crush our ability to organize against The Communists.,The elite and the NEW WORLD ORDER AND THEIR CENTRAL BANKS.

    There are no leaders they are all bought and paid for fearfull little men with no heart at all.

    Go it alone., or one to one., Go do it by yourself and be the agent of change you seek and bring others into your light.

  6. Big Baby Jesus on

    Tokin Terry? Why did you choose this as your name? Was dickriding terry already taken? Ed isn’t a comedian by trade, so if you don’t like his sense of humor, perhaps you should seek out a professional.

    You’re just a sad person who has low self-esteem, and it’s driven you to seek out attention, even negative attention from total strangers on the internet by attacking a well liked stoner celebrity.

    I humbly suggest you get some better weed to toke on so that you may have an epiphany about what an egregious asshole you are. The brown frown has just mad you very, very tired.

  7. Anonymous on

    Agreed… sigh. What a troll, what a Terry troll…hehehe!!!.

  8. Anonymous on

    Relax before you give yourself an aneurysm. Legal valium may be your answer.

  9. Tokin Terry on

    you sound like the complacent old people you actually are waiting for somebody else to legalize your drugs for you. And they won’t, and you won’t either so you hide and complain like old alcoholics while nothing happens, just the way you like it–
    stoned indifference. Since Marc went to prison the entire legalization movemnent has turned into a parking lot full of rusty old trucks. He will step out into the light in three years and see millions of stoners did absolutely nothing, at all except fossilize and get covered over with dust. You don;t like to hear this well, I’ll be back when the Conservatives yank your chains.. and remind you what wet firewood you actually turned out to be, and mock your lameness because you never woke up, and just got high watching as the millions let the few run them over the cliff.
    You say you don’t like me, whatever Gramps you might mean you don’t like yourself.

    2012 is the year the stoners surrendered.

  10. Anonymous on

    blah blah blah…. You sound like a broken record. No one here thinks you are witty or smart.

    Go away, we don’t like you.

  11. Tokin Terry on

    Dave- your dark crystal spooky tech threats are hollow as a ping pong ball.
    We all know that you have no ability nor opportunity to do any of the things you say you can to hurt anybody. You stale muffin

    Your friends and family must know what a colossal bullshitter you are, but leave you in your full diapers to soil again. So I have this offer for you: if you can find me do so. I know you can’t and you do too, but I thought I’d try. You are doing this for all the lame absurd ineffective stoners out there. don’t let them down like you did your Gramma.

    If you have any of these amazing science fiction hacking abilities you claim, then deliver the single sentence ” SUBMITTED BY DAVE ” in caps into any one of my email accounts within a week. Then I will fear you, otherwise you are a borderline insane 420 snowball target. You know where my internet account is hosted and how to hack in, right? WRONG ! double dope deluded wrong
    A week is plenty of time to do it if you actually _can do this, but I know you won’t because you _can’t and are just talking crap out your back pocket.

    Seven days to deliver -or- fuck off..

  12. David on

    Like I said, dude, you will pay for what you are. it’s only a matter of time. you’ve already made key mistakes that
    give away your ID. and of course you never answer the questions asked of you. the questions about how much you have done to grow marijuana, and to help the marijuana community. Ed Rosenthal, the guy you slagged, has given his life for for marijuana and has helped thousands of people and plants. You have given nothing. And now y our life is worth nothing. Enjoy the time you have left. The clock is ticking…

  13. Tokin Terry on

    alas.. another synapse challenged stoner making stuff up as they go along. We both know you have no idea what you are saying, so we can just leave it at that, unless you are a drug war agent yourself and are writing all this so you can narc on everyone who reads these forums. But someone as paranoid as you would never work for the cops because you can’t be trusted to sift out fact from fantasy : it is unlikely you have enough basic cognitive skills to be able to work at any job at all.

  14. Anonymous on

    Sounds to me, as others have suggested, some drug war agent here to sow seeds of discord.

    Best we ignore his comments… as they aren’t coming from a real place.

    But there is hope for us all..

    Even for little angry terry.

  15. Tokin Terry on

    empty threats, back stabbing zero cred and that’s determination? that’s science fiction.. making up things as you go along that we both know are false and rootless projections is comedy. Dave, maybe your babysitter has to put up with your crap, but the rest of us don’t have to.. and tell us, when can we expect your transcontinental hit squad to punish the non Daves in the world beyond your ashtray?
    This way we can pick you up at the airport and take you to the zoo

    watch my back? maybe I should with you staring at my butt with such determination and love —

  16. David on

    Not spacy, my friend, just determined. As the other commenter said, you are either a cop or a total ignoramus, or both.
    How many grow books have you written? How many times have you fought the feds, and won? How many marijuana plants have you grown? I am sure the answer is zero zero zero.
    In the case of Ed Rosenthal, the answer is: many books, he beat the feds when they tried to put him in prison for growing herb, and he has grown thousands of plants. Your disrespect of him indicates that you are a complete waste of oxygen. Like I say, watch your back. Nothing is sublimated. All in good time. And time will come when you pay for your bullshit. You’ll find out the hard way, soon.
    PS- Potheads are generally peaceful, except when they deal with nark-ass losers like you:)

  17. Tokin Terry on

    cranky sublimated rage way too late, days too late is stoner comedy.
    Think: Coyote going over the cliff– and Beep Beep to you

    and Space Dave here will transmutate through tome & space into my keyboard and bite my finger to stop fair comment,

  18. David on

    Yo little fella, not just a threat but when I get the power to travel through the net to find people like you I will personally kick your ass by hitting you with the many grow books that Ed has written. How many have you written, pissdrinker?

  19. Anonymous on

    Actually I am in my own basement. Left my parents when I was 18. Yes I was smoking then too.

    I am a registered professional, an accomplished skier, have two excellent children whom are accelerating at school and will retire comfortably in 8 years.

    I don’t sit in my parent’s basement or a police computer to razz people who choose a safer intoxicant than what our government will sell us.

    Hint: Go find a nice corner in your basement, curl up and die, loser!

  20. Tokin Terry on

    how is `Occupy Your Parents Basement` coming along, dickweed ?

  21. Dreamer Songs on

    We have the best democracy money can buy and Ed gets it, spot on. That’s how it works. Excellent idea.

    Remember, money is free speech and free speech is a powerful thing. Run with this, Ed. It’s a winner.

  22. David on

    Ed Rosenthal has done more for marijuana growers and users than you ever will, and your dissing of him indicates that you need your ass kicked repeatedly until you show some respect. Your best days were NEVER.

  23. Anonymous on

    His comedy is better than yours and I bet he has accomplished twice as much in his lifetime. Atleast he doesn’t bash his own kind.

  24. Tokin Terry on

    Ed maybe consider retiring. This week. A lame lead in joke scraped off an old beatles song that is more than 40 years old suggests your best days were back then.
    But don’t worry Mr Ed, you will be remembered fondly as one of the original old guys that almost got pot legalized, dozens of times. 2012- a good year to try golf and make jokes about how well manicured and expensive their grass is. Lifetime Almost Achievement Award ceremony coming up, get a haircut.