Know Your Rights

Recently I discovered this video footage that I feel obligated to share with my fellow citizens.

This is a video of routine traffic stop. At the start of the video the police officer approaches the car to inform the driver that his license had come back clear and that he would not be writing him a red light ticket. The officer proceeds to bring up a previous minor marijuana collar and asks the driver if he can search his car. When the driver responds “Not without a warrant, it is here that the officer loses it.

Note however: despite the despicable and childish language hurled by the police officer he had no choice but to get in his car and drive away. You are not subject to unreasonable search! If an officer does not have probable cause, you do not have to consent to a search of property or person. If you are ever unsure of your rights do the right thing and ASK FOR A LAWYER! Don’t let anyone with or without a badge to take away your rights!



  1. Anonymous on

    Isn’t it considered a search without consent to bring a K9 up to the car to smell for something INSIDE your car? Co-operate with the infraction on my rights my ass; our Forefathers died for our rights. That’s insulting you would even suggest such a thing.

  2. Anonymous on

    The general concensus on this video is that it’s a practical joke, (isn’t it always…).

    But it seems what a cop would generally do is threaten you further with getting the dogs out there and if they alert, which they probably always will, they’ll rip your whole car apart, so it’s so much easier on yourself to just co-operate with the infraction on your rights while they’re still your friend.

  3. Anonymous on

    It’s the same in Canada, they require a damn good reason or a warrant to search your car, otherwise it’s I do not consent to a search and am I free to go officer 🙂

  4. Sinistry on

    I, too, would like to know if this came from a reliable source, as I have first hand experience that contradicts what this video shows. I was once pulled over (my windows were tinted too darkly was the excuse I was given) and the officer asked to search my vehicle. I said no and instead of letting me go (with or without a cursing) he unofficially detained me until a K-9 could arrive on scene (about 30 minutes). Even though the dog was not released into my vehicle it did indicate that cannabis was “in the vicinity”, which then gave the officer probable cause to find $20 worth of weed in my car. This looks shady to me…., though I do not doubt there are officers out there with this level of mentality…, which should be a crime in itself. Of course my story occurred in the Southern United States (TN), so maybe that had something to do with it…

  5. Anonymous on

    I know in Canada the police love to sting you when driving, it’s likely the fastest way to take down anyone with a joint or a plant in the trunk. No paper work needed it seems to me, but can you actually refuse them in Canada if they want to search you car?

    Anyone know this?

  6. Son of Sam Walton on

    It could be a fake. But the act of drug enforcement (asking to search, busting people, dogs, charging, sentencing, guarding drug offender in a jail, probation officer of a drug offender etc.) creates the black market and the black market funds 50%-65% of all Extremist Terrorism, which would make this cop (and others in the DOJ) guilty of offering the enemy aid in a time of war. The cop knows his job creates a nitch for the black market and he knows the black market funds thugs and terrorists which makes him eligible for the death sentence or life without parole. Also, if being a cop (and other DOJ) and doing your job (getting paid) with drug enforcement, creates more crime because of the black market, this is nothing less than Fraud since the cops get paid to do no services for the people . . . money coming out of our pockets. They know if they stopped busting users and dealers, it would significantly curb the gang violence and crime due to a steadier flow of clientele and competition. The cops swore an oath and in doing so they receive huge paychecks with benefits and retirement plans just to do nothing since its their act of drug enforcement which perpetuates more crime. Their job forces them for every step forward, to take one step back and they don’t deserve the paycheck until they can complete two full forwarding steps, but they won’t, which is fraud. Now, if cops handed back to us let’s say 50% of their paychecks and benefits and pensions etc for the unfinished and incomplete job they were unable to perform, then they wouldn’t be fraudulent. They know keeping drugs on the black market makes crime inevitable, which keeps them from doing their job . . . the job they do keeps them unable to do their job. These cops are nothing but Muslim Terrorists and most of them aren’t even Muslim . . . if you offer aid to the Muslim Terrorist enemy, then you are logically a Muslim Terrorist. Osama and the Hijackers of 9/11 (80% funded by drug money)never once thought they were terrorists, just like these DOJ workers don’t think they are terrorists. But if ignorance of the law doesn’t give one a ‘get out of jail card’ then ignorance of their jobs’ results shouldn’t be an excuse to not legally punish these cops for treason, fraud, war crimes, child endangerment, pollution, organizing a monopoly (keeping hemp illegal), racketeering (since they help organized crime via the opposite reaction of their actions), genocide (since dope money funds a % of every genocide known to man since the 70’s), animal cruelty (letting hemp be illegal for animal food and bird seed and whatever animals would eat the seeds naturally growing in nature), crimes against humanity (taking a food source out of the world), taking millions of jobs out of America, ushering in illegal immigrants into our country illegally (keeping millions of jobs illegal in Mexico and keeping a drug war alive and well) . . . the negative effects to their cause (doing their job) is long enough to lead them to the gallows.
    That’s why we need American and Canadian weed smokers to quit smoking weed so they can become cops and EMT and Fire and Parks and Wildlife and Military etc . . . we must dilute the system. CC needs to urge young readers to hurry up and quit getting stoned before they get busted and lose their chance to become cops . . . all should postpone college and their dream jobs to join the ranks of police and military etc . . . it’s the only way we’ll have both the guns and the numbers. I already did my part by doing civic service for my nation and community for 8yrs –now it’s time for others . . . to not do so is a strong desire to get busted and to watch people get busted since when good men let evil men prevail, then those good men become evil. So not doing so becomes an ‘on purpose’ desire to get busted and to keep drugs illegal. For some of us, it’s too late be eligible for the police force, which is why CC and Norml and HT and the SSDP need to encourage all weed smokers and activists to temporally forego their dreams . . . we need to urge College students to chose a criminal justice major so they can become cops and DA’s for a few years. Marc and Cheech and Chong and other stoner/activist celebs need to encourage the young to become cops and military etc

  7. Anonymous on

    With the police officer swearing and being all angry, isn’t that assult?
    But not battery as the cop didn’t hit the driver.

  8. Luke on

    Crazy video, but I heard it was a fake. Do you know if it has a legitimate source?