Know Your Rights

Recently I discovered this video footage that I feel obligated to share with my fellow citizens.

This is a video of routine traffic stop. At the start of the video the police officer approaches the car to inform the driver that his license had come back clear and that he would not be writing him a red light ticket. The officer proceeds to bring up a previous minor marijuana collar and asks the driver if he can search his car. When the driver responds “Not without a warrant, it is here that the officer loses it.

Note however: despite the despicable and childish language hurled by the police officer he had no choice but to get in his car and drive away. You are not subject to unreasonable search! If an officer does not have probable cause, you do not have to consent to a search of property or person. If you are ever unsure of your rights do the right thing and ASK FOR A LAWYER! Don’t let anyone with or without a badge to take away your rights!