American Justice and the Dana Beal Trial

September was a bad month for Obama.

The stock market is down, more soldiers than ever were killed in Afghanistan, the Palestinians are being uppity. And the New York Times reports that small donors are holding back. What do you expect? Obama is incapable of rational leadership because he’s suffering from MDS. This man needs a joint, badly. He’s found himself hanging out with super suits, war hawks, and people who earn their money the way that most Americans with significant wealth do, by inheriting it. He’s forgotten about his mother with breast cancer, the prejudice he faced in Hawaii, and most importantly of all-the joy and wisdom that marijuana helps you discover. Move this guy out!

The other side of the aisle is even worse. Clowns, dunces, bad actors, ideologues all prescribing different answers for America, each of which is ridiculous. Perry says we can’t get out of it alone, we need God’s help. Paul says we need no help, we’ll just sink or swim each on their own. And the rest of them, a pack of wolves, hired by soulless corporations.

Just from the process of evaluation its obvious that I am the only candidate who has the capability to deal with the issues and crises that face America today. We both know that its hard to kill a soldier when they are not around, and that’s exactly my solution for Afghanistan. We leave the country, we leave our weapons, they’ll kill each other. And when they run out of bullets they’ll use bayonets. We know it, Obama knows it (he reads my column every week).

After writing the above start of my column, I was brought back to a different reality by attending the sentencing hearing of Dana Beal which was held last Tuesday in Madison, WI. Dana was accused of transporting 160 pounds of marijuana through WI, which is not a medical state, he was taking it from CA through MI, both of which are medically legal. No one argued that the marijuana wasn’t intended for medical use.

Dana Beal’s Sentencing Hearing, September 20, 2011

When Dana first faces these charges many of his former supporters abandoned him because of a respite. Dana was a terrible transporter and had been busted a number of times. In fact he was on probation when this bust occurred. They marveled as I did, at his incompetence and questioned whether he really was a victim or a self inflicting masochist.

However, when the sentencing hearing actually took place, he had supporters there to testify about him from all walks of life. A former drug addict, who has rejoined society. A rabbi from the lower East Side of NY. Mary Cutter from Meth Watch in NZ. It was an impressive group and the judge let each person speak. It was sort of like a roast. The judge learned that Dana was responsible for the Million Marijuana March, Rock Against Racism, the popularization of Ibogaine as a tool against addiction. And that he influences many other people to do good. Then he sentenced him to 2 and a half years of prison and 2 and a half years of probation.

The judge said that he was NOT in favor of Prohibition, but under the law he had no choice but to give him this time which wasn’t really true (Dana had already served 270 days, but the judge chose not to count them). He chose to punish this man for trying to help society, specifically poor, medical marijuana patients. I have NO respect, even borderline contempt for this judge and his court. He knew he was doing wrong and he knew he had the power to wear the his robes proudly, but he chose the easy way out. He needs to reconsider his relationship to society before he judges again.

On Tuesday I received a call from Iowa County Sheriffs Dept, Dana had suffered a cardiac rest, had been revived, was in critical condition, and was in an induced coma that morning. His condition is still dangerous. What do you think judge? I like it. It’s already on your dime, won’t you let him out right after he recovers?

If you didn’t like what this judge did, drop him a note, a postcard would do. Tell him what you think of his actions, what you think about him throwing a true freedom fighter in jail. And what you think about the hypocrisy of his thinking marijuana should be legal but be willing to place people in prison over it. Think of it this way, if you’re going to be sent to prison for marijuana-isn’t it right that you be sentenced by someone who thinks you should be going there rather than some asshole who sympathizes with your plight as he sentences you. Once again judge-wake up, smell the prison. So far you are the only judge in your county to send anyone to prison for marijuana this year, is that to be your legacy?

You can see this is an ambiguous plot because it’s addressed to both the judge and the people who might try to influence him. But everyone gets the point, including you judge, and this is it-the judge was wrong, Dana is right, let him go.


You can donate money via  PAYPAL made payable to [email protected] or via

If you want to send him a card, send it to Dana Beal St Mary’s Hospital Madison WI. It would be really nice if you did that.