Why Weed Pairings are the New Wine Pairings

“This joint was chosen as the first pairing of the night because it will help loosen you up after working all day. This strain is CBD-dominant, so you won’t get too high right away, and its flavor will also complement the appetizers being passed around.”

A server tells me this as she approaches and offers a serving tray stacked with joints, just as she came around earlier offering sticky grilled shrimp skewers glazed with passion fruit.

Two weeks before California votes on Proposition 64—a measure that would make it the fifth state to allow recreational use of weed in the US—more than 130 people have gathered in an undisclosed private event space in West Los Angeles to enjoy an evening of delicious food, local wine, and cannabis. This is all in celebration of cannabis company Flow Kana finally distributing its sustainable, organic, sun-grown craft weed from Mendocino to LA. It’s also the first time that I have been invited to a weed-paired dinner in this city.

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