Meet the People Revolutionising Weed Edibles in Amsterdam

The last memorable experience I had with edibles was with an old-fashioned space cake that screamed my name when I had skipped dinner. I made the stupid mistake of eating half the cake. That turned out to be a bad idea—but boy, it was really delicious.

Fast-forward to a toilet four hours later: I lay shivering in the corner of the bathroom, thinking time was about to stand still as my heart would soon stop beating. I knew that cannabis wasn’t fatal, but I was becoming less convinced by the minute.

Meanwhile, some years have passed (I’m still alive) and to this very moment, space cake is actually still the only known edible variant of cannabis in the Netherlands. It’s different in the US. An edible culture resembling haute cuisine arose there in recent years, whereby THC and CBD are brought to the consumer in a pleasant, relatively healthy way.

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