Talking Edibles with Chef and Chocolatier Madeline Rubidoux

This November, Nevada residents will vote on whether to follow Colorado and Washington and decriminalize and regulate recreational marijuana use in the state. The potential passing of Question 2 will not only further the mainstreaming of marijuana nationwide, but push Nevada into a booming industry where dozens of companies are producing robust lines of cannabis-infused products. Former Red Rock Resort pastry chef Madeline Rubidoux is already using her culinary skills at Evergreen Organix, which is developing a variety of quality edible sweets.

How did the opportunity to work for Evergreen Organix come about? Is this your first job in the cannabis industry? After my last trip to Europe, where I was the sous chef for a cafe and patisserie in South Bermondsey, London, I returned to Las Vegas when a family friend contacted me [about]Evergreen Organix [being]interested in meeting with me. Short after that meeting, I started working there. This is my first job in the cannabis industry and I plan to stay in the industry. I’ve always had a passion for caring for people and helping those in need. This opened up an opportunity for me to be able to use my craft and help people with their medical conditions.

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