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CANNABIS CULTURE - Back when he was a city councillor, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford went quietly on a weed attack. Yet on Wednesday August 28 Mayor Ford revealed, "I smoked a lot of pot."
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CANNABIS CULTURE - My good friend, Cannabis Champion and Media Whore Matt Mernagh, looks like he has a long career ahead of him in politics. Matt is the latest to apply for a high-profile position with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack political team. has the details: Best known as the man who temporarily struck down Canada’s ban on marijuana, Mernagh has spent years fighting for the rights of medical cannabis users.

City politics got heated a few weeks ago when it was revealed right wing mayoral candidate Rob Ford got popped with a roach in his pocket a decade ago in Florida. This didn't hurt his election bid in the least. In fact Yongesterdam potheads began to wonder about Ford, who two years ago ushered through a busted grow-op cost recovery bylaw. After Ford's roach revelation, complete with mug shot via CBC, other candidates were quick to claim their cannabis cred.