Rob Ford Says Conservatives Ought To Consider Decriminalizing Pot

Rob Ford doesn’t think marijuana will be legal in Canada so long as Conservatives are in power, but believes Ottawa should consider decriminalization.

The Toronto mayor — who admitted this past summer he smoked “a lot” of pot in the past — made his weekly appearance on D.C. radio show, The Sports Junkies, on Thursday.

But, unsurprisingly, the conversation shifted beyond Ford’s weekly NFL picks.

According to The Toronto Sun, Ford was asked his opinion on pot legalization. The mayor told them it won’t happen in Canada because of the Tory government.

“They’re very strict when it comes to marijuana and any other drugs — so it is not going to happen here,” he said. “Maybe down in the States but not up here.”

Ford added that that while he is convinced legalization won’t happen unless there is a change of government, he wonders why the Harper government doesn’t at least explore decriminalization.

“The Conservative government up here is very, you know, it’s job creation, it is stimulating the economy but I’ve questioned that too sometimes why wouldn’t they at least decriminalize it and try to get revenue from it,” he said.

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