Rob Ford’s Crack Admission is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

CANNABIS CULTURE – The explosive, now world-famous story of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been dominating headlines for weeks, but the press is nearly ignoring what may be the biggest Rob Ford scandal of all.

First, Ford was in the news regarding his admission to smoking marijuana – “a lot of it”.

Then the Mayor dropped the bombshell: “Yes I have smoked crack cocaine. … Am I an addict? No. Have I have tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago,” he said.

The admission made international news.

The crack admission comes a week after the police announced they found the famous video of the Mayor smoking crack – a video that previously was only known to the public by a still photo of the Mayor hanging out with his crack-smoking buddies.

Ford argued that he didn’t lie about his use, in that he previously denied “using it” rather than denying he had ever used it. At 0:05 of this video, he says “I do not use crack cocaine.”

He used the same “not-telling-you-when trick” when he admitted to having smoked marijuana.

“So, I wasn’t lying. You didn’t ask the correct questions,” the Mayor said

Actually, reporters did ask the correct questions – Ford just avoided answering them.

At around 3:40 of this video from May 24, 2013, you can quite clearly hear a reporter ask Mayor Ford “Have you ever used crack cocaine?”

Ford declined to answer and walked out of the room.

But Ford wasn’t just lying about smoking crack. It appears that he was also lying about not knowing about the video. In this video at 0:12, Ford says “I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist.”

All of these stories have made front-page headlines. But there is even more is going on, reported only in the back pages, getting scant attention from the mainstream opinion-makers and editors of the echo-chamber of television, radio and newspapers.

It is now known that Ford hired a hacker to find and destroy two videos, including the crack video and another mystery video.

“The Star has been told by two sources this second video also features the Mayor. Blair has said the second video is “relevant to this investigation.”

There is some online speculation, however, that video #2 is a Rob Ford sex tape.

Internet rumour-mill is churning out lines like, “There’s not only a sextape. Apparently the girl appears to be disturbingly young. Maybe this was why Ford freaked when he lost his phone–this video was on it.”

An assistant to the Mayor, Sandro Lisi, has been accused of attempting to trade marijuana for the Mayor’s lost cell phone – the cellphone, it is believed, being the source for at least one of the videos used by the blackmailer against Ford. 

But this fucked-up story doesn’t end there. The guy who was blackmailing Ford with the videos – Anthony Smith – was murdered – and the dude found guilty of that murder – Nisar Hashimi – got a sweet plea deal in exchange for the crown not having to make public all the evidence surrounding the murder.

“In 20 years of practice I have never seen a guilty plea on a homicide without disclosure,” said Toronto criminal defence lawyer Edward Sapiano. “And in less than three months! There is absolutely something going on here. The questions over Rob Ford’s possible involvement [with alleged drug dealers]will remain unanswered as a result.”

The police were notified that there were reports of the murder being linked to the video – but it appears that they have yet to bother to investigate this further – or throw any suspicion onto the Mayor’s possible involvement in the murder of his blackmailer.

According to the BBC, “The police have not pressed charges against Mr Ford. His associate and driver Alexander Lisi is accused of threatening two gang members who had been trying to sell the video. Police reports detail repeated meetings between Mr Ford and Mr Lisi this year.”

“You have a situation where all these young men from our community are in jail, yet the mayor has never been questioned by the police, even though his best friend has been charged with extortion,” said Ahmed Hussen, president of the Canadian Somali Congress.

For those who argue that Mayor Ford doesn’t have the capacity to be involved in murder, there is a third video of the Toronto Mayor angrily shouting about murdering someone and possible links to violence that have both recently surfaced, which call that argument into question.

For those that want to understand this convoluted story in detail, Wikipedia has a handy timeline of events.

Hopefully, reporters will start asking questions about Rob Ford’s involvement with the murder and demand the contents of the second video be disclosed. They should also demand that the evidence in the Anthony Smith murder case be made public.

Without these important items, the Rob Ford video scandal timeline will remain incomplete.