Rob Ford’s Story Is Really About the Drug War

On Thursday, a story regarding Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, broke on Gawker. The story began with the following:

“Rob Ford, Toronto’s conservative mayor, is a wild lunatic given to making bizarre racist pronouncements and randomly slapping refrigerator magnets on cars. One reason for this is that he smokes crack cocaine. I know this because I watched him do it, on a videotape. He was f****** hiiiiigh. It’s for sale if you’ve got six figures.”

Essentially, Gawker journalist John Cook claimed that he received tips from anonymous Somali drug dealers in Toronto. They alleged that Ford had regularly bought crack-cocaine from them, and that they have video evidence to prove it. Since the story broke, Toronto Star journalists Robyn Doolittle and Kevin Donovan also claimed to have seen the video of Ford smoking crack. A crowd sourcing project on Indiegogo is now attempting to raise $200,000 in order to purchase the video from the drug dealers (as of writing this $88,000 has currently been raised).

– Read the entire article at The Huffington Post.



  1. gutrod on

    Rob Ford didn’t inhale. Honest.