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CANNABIS CULTURE – The raids against medical cannabis dispensaries and pot cafes – dubbed the “second round” of Project Claudia by the CBC, occurred on June 23nd, 2016. The first round occurred on May 26th. The rationale for the raids given by the Chief of Toronto Police the day after the first round of raidsRead More

  CANNABIS CULTURE – We invite your immediate action. During my second week as Associate Editor to Cannabis Culture I was put on assignment with Senior Contributor David Malmo-Levine, running a traditional print poster campaign with an unconventional approach, to prepare the public and art patrons alike for the annual Cannabis Day exhibition at the artRead More

January 14, 2014 - Freedom Party of Ontario's candidate in the Thornhill by-election will be Erin Goodwin. "Freedom Party is proud to endorse the candidacy of this exceptional, outgoing individual" says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. "With years of experience both as a business manager and a community events coordinator, Erin offers not only the willingness to listen, but the commitment to plan and to act.