Freedom Party Nominates Erin Goodwin for Thornhill By-election

January 14, 2014 – Freedom Party of Ontario’s candidate in the Thornhill by-election will be Erin Goodwin. “Freedom Party is proud to endorse the candidacy of this exceptional, outgoing individual” says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. “With years of experience both as a business manager and a community events coordinator, Erin offers not only the willingness to listen, but the commitment to plan and to act. Voters looking for a fiscally-responsible alternative to the largely-indistinguishable Liberals, NDPs, and PCs have a golden opportunity to start Ontario’s recovery by electing Erin Goodwin in the riding of Thornhill.”

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Freedom Party Nominates Erin Goodwin for Thornhill by-election


Born and raised in Thornhill, Erin studied Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University and worked with Rogers Television on Reel to Real for five seasons. Erin, 28, and her spouse now manage a popular social and entertainment venue in Toronto. The mother of two, Erin is alarmed that the Liberals, NDP, and Progressive Conservatives all are promising to run massive annual deficits that threaten the future of all individuals in Ontario.

Erin can be contacted at: 416-399-0421
e-mail: [email protected]


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Erin Goodwin will be appearing on Sun TV’s Battleground program today around 5:25 PM (EST) as Freedom Party of Ontario’s candidate in the Provincial byelection in Thornhill. Be sure to tune in!

Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin

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