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CANNABIS CULTURE - When CNN was riding high in the television ratings, Dr. Sanjay Gupta was making pronouncements on the evils of medical marijuana. When it was on the ballot in many states, he stumped against it. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was goosestepping right along with DEA and big pharma about how cannabis had no medical value. Now ratings are tanking and his White House career has hit a glass ceiling and he has apologized to the cannabis community for being the Bad Guy. But I'm not accepting it.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. On today's show: Canada's Official Opposition Party, the NDP, is going toe-to-toe with the governing Conservatives with the adoption of a new drug resolution at the NDP National Convention. Nicole Seguin of End Prohibition joins the show in-studio to talk about the politics of the Canadian Drug War.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Cannabis-inspired comedy legend Tommy Chong appeared on CNN yesterday to discuss a new marijuana bill introduced in the US Congress by Ron Paul and Barney Frank. In a jaw-dropping piece of television, Chong tells a lying Drug Warrior to "shut-up" and also talks about the man on his t-shirt, imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery.

Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, writes in an op-ed for CNN that marijuana legalization will happen. "It's just a question of how many lives and tax dollars will be wasted before it does."
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