Tommy Chong Discusses Marc Emery and Marijuana Laws in Fiery CNN Debate

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis-inspired comedy legend Tommy Chong appeared on CNN yesterday to discuss a new marijuana bill introduced in the US Congress by Ron Paul and Barney Frank. In a jaw-dropping piece of television, Chong tells a lying Drug Warrior to “shut-up” and also talks about the man on his t-shirt, imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery.

Paul and Frank have introduced HR 2306, a bill that would remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances and open up regulation on the state level.

Chong appeared to discuss the bill on CNN’s In the Arena wearing a “Free Marc” shirt emblazoned with the now-famous yellow and green image of the Prince of Pot, which caught the attention of the show’s host.

“You’re wearing a shirt right now,” he said. “Let’s widen the shot out a little bit – you’ve got a shirt on that’s a friend of yours, right?”.

“Yeah, a friend of mine,” Chong said. “He’s a Canadian that the DEA went into Canada and arrested him for selling seeds over the Internet – marijuana seeds. […] I went to prison for paraphernalia, which again, wasn’t really for paraphernalia. What it was, and in the indictment it said, it was because I made movies like Up in Smoke that made fun of law enforcement agencies.”

Later, in a heated debate, Chong looked like he wanted to throw a backhand through the screen and bitch-slap former White House drug czar advisor Paul Chabot, who erroneously claimed marijuana causes cancer, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety; and said that a “medical fraud marijuana problem” exists in California.

“Do you know who Montel Williams is?” Chong asked Chabot. “Montel Williams has MS, it’s a debilitating disease that he keeps under control by using marijuana.” Chong continued to give examples but was rudely cut off by Chabot before he could finished.

“Shut up!” Chong shot back. “Shut up for a minute. Let me finish. It has medical use, and so that lie you just said where it has no medical use whatsoever – it’s a lie. And the reason you tell that lie is because you’re being paid to tell that lie like the rest of the liars.”


Go to to find out more about imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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