Cannabis Culture News LIVE: NDP vs. Conservatives – Drug War Politics in Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. On today’s show: Canada’s Official Opposition Party, the NDP, is going toe-to-toe with the governing Conservatives with the adoption of a new drug resolution at the NDP National Convention. Nicole Seguin of End Prohibition joins the show in-studio to talk about the politics of the Canadian Drug War.

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Cannabis Culture editor Jeremiah Vandermeer shows a clip from CNN where Tommy Chong discusses the FREE MARC t-shirt he’s wearing and gets in a heated debated with a lying Drug Warrior.

Also on the show: Canadian cannabis hero Matt Mernagh and activist Jacob Hunter of join the show to discuss the latest news in the fight for medical marijuana in Canada.

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On the show:

NDP Convention Denounces Drug War

Proposed Changes to Medical Marijuana Rules Not Good Enough

Time Out Called On Marijuana Legalization Deadline

Tommy Chong Discusses Marc Emery and Marijuana Laws in Fiery CNN Debate

Former U.S. Attorney McKay Backs Effort to Legalize Pot in Washington

TH2: Tacoma Hempfest Returns For Second Year of Cannabis Awareness

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  1. Anonymous on

    If the NDP want to make some kind of statement about unions then I request that they do it in a way that doesn’t effect me getting my damn package even later than it already is. Is that too much to ask? I don’t want to be part of their statement. Neither do 70% of Canada’s population who agreed with the legislation. Is the NDP a party that goes against the majority opinion? Do they see that as a winning strategy, ticking off 70% of the population? That, my friends, is why they are number 2 and always will be. They only got up that far because the Liberals committed political suicide by having an arrogant ass as their leader. Now the NDP has an annoying ass as theirs. Right now he’s annoying 70%of us. Nice move, Jacko.

  2. Anonymous on

    Canada Post locked them out because they knew that it would lead to BTW legislation, which would be the only way to get the mail system back in operation in a timely manner. How the hell do the Posties not come down enough in their unrealistic demands in SEVEN MONTHS to reach a deal? How are they no closer today to a deal than they were 7 months ago? I don’t care which side has the better offer, I care about the mail system working efficiently, and the NDP is standing I the way of that right now. Just get out of the way, NDP. You are showing yourselves to be incapable of governing. If Canada was ever crazy enough to vote the NDP into government after this little clown show, holding up the entire nations’s mail for probably another whole week, just because it’s parliamentarily possible to do so by running your mouths incessantly for the next week. I now literally despise the NDP and will NEVER vote for them if they are not out of Parliament by Sunday night, period!

  3. Anonymous on

    Currently the only stopping your mail is Canada Post itself. Not the union. Canada Post has locked the doors and the Union and employees are perfectly willing to deliver your mail. What the NDP is doing is protecting your rights to collective bargaining without goverment intervention.


  4. Anonymous on

    The NDP are doing the evil thing of holding up the Canada Post back to work bill, even though they know it will eventually be passed. All they are accomplishing is preventing my package from getting delivered. Here’s what I want from my government, get the national mail system working in the quickest way possible. That is the government’s role, not coddling CUPW. CUPW is not getting my mail delivered, therefore, they are standing in the way of my right as a Canadian citizen to a reliable mail delivery system. Layton thinks a union should be able to deprive me of that right anytime they happen to want to feel like it. There shouldn’t even be allowed to BE a union for postal workers. The government should simply set out the employment terms and let the public decide whether they want to work there or not. Is there a union for military personnel? I haven’t seen a military strike recently. Why is the postal service any different? Why is there a bargaining process at all? If striking is allowed then it’s not a reliable service anymore, is it? In closing, go home Jack Layton and stop holding up the mail so you can appease the unions.