CNN Plastic Surgeon Claims Pot Causes Moobs

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana could be causing man boobs, according to a plastic surgeon reporting for CNN.

Seriously, I didn’t get stoned and make this up. You can’t make up “Does smoking pot cause man boobs?” Obviously I clicked on it because I was expecting a big fat “NO”, but apparently I was wrong.

How many people did click on the sensational CNN headline? You gotta love headlines with a question mark in them and it truly demonstrates a low quality of journalism. Major media outlets are wising up to the fact weed brings in the eyeballs.

Dr. Anthony Youn writes, “I notice a not-so-unfamiliar smell wafting from his body. It’s the same odor that floated my way during a rock concert I recently attended.” He then counsels the patient to not smoke pot because it could create the newly discovered man boobs, or “moobs” in doctor speak.

Man boobs are caused apparently by a hormone imbalance. Dr. Youn blames bud and I’ll blame estrogen in the water supply. Both sound equally crazy to me.

Apparently this passes as reporting on CNN: “The majority of plastic surgeons I’ve consulted with routinely inquire with their gynecomastia patients about cannabis use and recommend they stop smoking pot immediately.”

Four years of pilates and I recently noticed my chest getting bigger too. Turned out years of working out has created something known as pec muscles. Took four years to develop them, but a lifetime of marijuana medicating hasn’t even come close to creating boobs.

Do you have man boobs because of marijuana smoking? Are you proud of your moobs? The Mernahuana Zone wants to hear from stoners with man boobs who blame toking as the cause. Skype our program on Tuesday’s or leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Matt Mernagh is a regular contributor of the weird and crazy to Cannabis Culture. His book, Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains is available via Amazon or iTunes.



  1. Low Rider on

    Gotta be true I saw it on Fox News. Many Americans actually believe this crap. LoL.

  2. grobozo on

    No caption fot the picture? Is it the good doctor pictured?

  3. halphdunn on

    Are they going to bring back ALL the lies from the “70s?
    My TV adds blame this on risperdal today.
    Better revive “masterbation will make go blind”.

  4. BigBudAl on

    Lol!!! Whertedid they find this photo

  5. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    Got blame pot for backboobs too? People so fat they got boobs hanging off their upper back?