There’s Now a Farmers’ Market for Cannabis Lovers and it’s Happening This Weekend

A two-day festival in the Malibu mountains where you can enjoy a five-course cannabis-infused dinner, try a Ganja Yoga class, and attend a sound-healing session sounds like something dreamed up by a stoner after eating a tray of “special” brownies. But it’s very real—and it’s happening this weekend.

Emerald Exchange, which launched in 2016 and now hosts gatherings twice a year, falls somewhere between a cannabis trade show and a woo-woo retreat. “It’s like a farmers’ market with an L.A. vibe,” says Jessica Cure of Cure Designs, who produces the event alongside co-founders Justin Calvino and Michael Kratz. “There’s food, wellness, music.”

The wellness part of the triptych is key for the event’s founders. “It started based out of a need and desire to create something different by a group who fundamentally believes cannabis is a plant medicine,” Cure says. She herself entered the scene after using the herb to treat chronic pain caused by an autoimmune disease. “I remember feeling so sick that I would cry in every yoga class,” Cure says. “Cannabis started as a tool for the pain and getting off of pills, and then it led me down the road of health.”

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