Cool Off With This Cannabis-Infused Thai Treat | Recipe

It doesn’t feel like a full Thai meal without a giant glass filled with the ruddy red sweet milky goodness of iced tea.

I’ve never been to Thailand, but this is touted as a street-food classic. On the hottest summer days, strolling home with takeout while sucking down the brightly colored stuff at breakneck speed is one of my go-to moves.

You can likely find real loose-leaf tea on Amazon, but many places use instant powder. I tried both ways, and the instant tastes like cotton candy — in a good way — so we’re going with it. I’ve added tapioca pearls out of the sheer glee I experienced upon noticing they were even for sale in my local shop. This little twist makes it uber-trendy, since bubble tea is as much of a favorite in big cities as Thai food itself.

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